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I have received countless messages from persons who want to know about the treatment and cure of hepatitis B. Many of the messages have always asked if Livolin forte, a now popular supplement prescribed for persons with liver diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, other viral hepatitis, fatty liver, alcoholic liver disease, liver tumours etc. can cure cure hepatitis b and C?

Here is one of the messages I received from one person living with hepatitis B.👇

Good day doctor, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG. You are touching thousands of lives daily. Doc, I am hepatitis b positive. I have been positive for the virus since 2014. Please I have been on so may drugs used to treat hepatitis b virus such as lamivudine, interferon, and others. Recently my friend whose wife is also hepatitis b positive introduced this drug called Livolin forte to me. Apart from being affordable, I have heard so many good things about Livolin. My friend told me that his wife has been talking livolin forte to treat her hepatitis for a couple of years now and she is doing very fine. He believes Livolin forte has completely cured his wife of hepatitis B. How true is this? My question is: Can Livolin forte cure hepatitis B virus? (Chukwunonso from Abuja, Nigeria)

Can Livolin forte cure hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C or other viral hepatitis?

My Answer:

Thank you for reaching out to the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG on this controversial issue as many people now believe Livolin forte cures all viruses including hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

To make everything clear. Livolin forte is not an antimicrobial drug. That is Livolin is neither antiviral nor antibacterial and does not in anyway cure hepatitis B or C. Livolin is just a supplement recommended by doctors because it has been reported to help heal a liver injured or damaged by viruses, drugs or cancers or herbal concoctions. It is a supportive medicine that helps promote the healing of an injured liver, livolin does not remove the cause of the injury.

Treating Hepatitis B with Livolin: Can Livolin forte cure hepatitis B?
Can Livolin treat hepatitis b or C?

To cure hepatitis B, you will need specially prepared antiviral drugs like lamivudine, telbivudine, and interferon gamma. These drugs attacks and attempt to kill the viruses directly. Livolin forte only helps the liver to heal faster from the injury or damage inflicted in it by the virus.

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Taking livolin is more or less useless if the hepatitis B or Hepatitis C virus attacking the liver is still in your blood stream in large amounts (you will know this via hepatitis B viral load). Same way an alcoholic with fatty liver disease or alcoholic liver disease will never get a relief from Livolin forte if he or she continue drinking alcohol.

In fact, the indications or uses listed in the leaflet of Livolin forte, the manufacturer never mentioned “cure for hepatitis b or hepatitis C” as one of its numerous benefits. See the uses of Livolin forte as quoted by the manufacturer:

According to the the manufacturers: “Livolin forte can be used for liver disease of any origin; acute, subacuate, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, toxic metabolic liver disease, intoxications (e.g. from drugs), alcoholic fatty liver pre- and post-operative care, especially in liver/galibladder surgery, cholestasis.”

You can see they never mentioned Livolin forte having the ability to cure hepatitis b or C. Anything you have heard outside the above mentioned use of this supplement is pure hearsay and greatly unfounded (false). Livolin will not cure hepatitis b or c.

In Summary:

Livolin Forte is a liver tonic that helps in regeneration and faster recovery of damaged liver caused by hepatitis B, C, alcohol, herbal concoctions, or cancer. It nourishes and protects the liver from various damages and improves the functioning of liver. It contains Phosphatidyl Choline, which maintains the structural and functional integrity of the cell membrane.

Replenishment of Phosphatidyl Choline helps in the regeneration of liver cells in cases of liver damage, whereas B group vitamins provide nourishment and support healthy functioning of the liver. Livolin forte does not and cannot cure hepatitis B or hepatitis C but will help heal the damage caused by these viruses. To achieve cure you must take recommended antiviral hepatitis B medications.

Hope I have u answered your question Chukwunonso? Can Livolin forte cure hepatitis B? The answer is NO.

Thank you.


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