Preparing for fibroid operation, preparations before fibroid surgery, What to do before fibroid surgery, Preparing for myomectomy surgery

Nigerian Gynaecogist and Obstetriciam @NaijaObgyn explains in simple terms via her Twitter handle how a woman booked for myomectomy should prepare for fibroid removal surgery without stress.

What to do before fibroid surgery, preparations before fibroid surgery
Vital preparations before fibroid surgery


Some women with fibroid have no other choice; they MUST have surgery to improve their quality of life, relief their symptoms, or achieve fertility.
Here are some few tips if you are preparing for Fibroid removal surgery(Myomectomy)

1. Seek a 2nd/3rd opinion(it is your body & health)
2. Ensure you are talking to a Gynaecologist
3. Ask about all forms of surgeries available & discuss which is best for YOU
4. Do all relevant tests before surgery as recommended
5. Get blood donors ready before surgery
you may need blood)
6. Be optimistic (a positive attitude goes a long way)
7. Use your support system
8. READ READ, let your information be from reliable sources and not from “one of my aunty brother’s friends/ neigbhours’
Your situations aren’t necessarily the same

If the fibroids are already affecting your quality of life negatively, pressing on surrounding organs, please go ahead with your surgery if that is your only/best option (with/without a partner in view)

You can have a family when you are healthy & alive
Wishing you all the best

Others ways to prepare for fibroid operation:

1. Exercise and lose weight if you are fit for such

2. Go shopping for really easy things to make things easy for you when you come home from the hospital after discharge. It also makes recovery less stressful.

3. Decide whether to take your cell phone or not.

4. Remove all your jewelry before you leave for the hospital. They will not let you wear anything during surgery.

5. Wash your clothes and bed linens a few days before the surgery or so just give them to the laundry man or woman to wash for you. Washing clothes after fibroid surgery could be stressful for the healing abdomen.

6. Eat well. Eat a balanced diet

7. Quit smoking and alcohol

8. You may need to stop taking certain medications a week or more before surgery, so talk to your doctor as soon as you can.

9. Keep hope alive

10. It is important to know the cost of your myomectomy as money is also important for preparation.

11. Try not to panic. Be calm.. Everything will be fine.

I wish you a safe myomectomy. See you soon as you recover and go back to your normal life.



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