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Other common names of hospital too far: catholic vegetable, iyana-ipaja leaf, lapalapa, chaya leaf

Botanical Name: Jatropha tanjorensis

A vegetable. It’s very common in the southern part of Nigeria mostly Edo state and Eastern Nigeria. It itches when rubbed against the skin. It’s a good source of iron.

It’s a good combo with yam when prepared as a vegetable sauce.

They are known as Super food and a medicinal plant that is why it is coined “Hospital is too far”. It is called Chaya (Chai-yah) a Mayan word for Spinach as it originates from Maya. They are so rich in Vitamin A and C and other minerals like Calcium, Protein and Iron.

Iyana-Ipaja Leaf: Side Effects and Health Benefits of Hospital Too Far (Jatropha tanjorensis or Chaya leaf)
Ijana-ipaja leave in Yoruba, hospital too far in Igbo. A blood booster…This is the picture of hospital too far.

The Mayan’s are hardly sick and they credit that to this leaf. Chaya leaves can be consumed by cooking it as a meal or taken as a tea. It contains hydrocyanic acid, which is toxic to the body when eaten raw. It is highly advised that it should be cooked at least 3-5 mins to remove the toxins before ingesting it. This is the same toxin found in raw cassava. It is mostly used for diabetes and early sign of kidney disease.

Nutritional value

Iyana-ipaja leaf contains a lot of vitamin A, B1, C, and folate. Jatropha tanjorensis contains a large quantity of iron and fibre. It also contains beta blocker.

The health benefits of hospital too far are numerous which includes;

*Treats iron deficiency anaemia. It contains large amount of iron and helps boosts blood production

*Improves blood circulation

*Prevents Cough

*Lowers blood sugar. Hospital too far is good for diabetics

*Helps Digestion

*Treats constipation. Acts as a laxative.

*Boost Calcium in the bone

*Help with weight loss

*Lowers blood cholesterol

*Improves Memory and Brain function

*Improves Vision

*Prevents Varicose veins and hemorrhoid.

*Decongest the lungs

*Regulates blood pressure. It contains beta blocker.

*Antimicrobial properties of Hospital too far: hospital too far is believed to be anti-malarial, antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal.

*Prevents cancer

*Helps to mop up free radicals in the body caused by oxidative stress.

*Good for women and men’s health. Hospital too far increase blood flow to the genital organs and in the process boost sexual libido for both sexes and makes them man last long in bed.

*Jatropha tanjorensis boosts ovulation

*Boosts immunity and fights infections.

*Helps in the growth of healthy skin.

* Believed to treat vagina discharge or vaginal infection by helping to increase the acidity of the vaginal making it difficult for infectious organisms to multiply.

* Treats venereal disease

* Treats gouty arthritis

* It stimulates the production of healthy sperm, improves libido and as well boosts ovulation.

* Darken graying hair

* Used to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

* Improves memory and brain health

* Antidote for scorpion stings

* Effective for treating poor sleep

* A wild relative of Chaya, is even attributed with anti-contraceptive properties

Side effects of Hospital Too Far Leaf (Jatropha tanjorensis)

Because it contains cyanide, when eaten raw, hospital too far may cause:

💠cardiac arrest
💠Liver failure
💠Kidney failure
💠Stomach ulcer
💠Respiratory arrest

As I wrote earlier, it is highly advised that it should be cooked at least 3-5 mins to remove the toxins before ingesting it.

Common Questions frequently asked about Jatropha tanjorensis and their answers

💠Hospital too far and conception

It promotes conception in women. It helps stimulate ovulation thereby increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

💠Hospital too far and fertility

It boosts fertility in both males and females. Hospital too far increases blood flow to the genital organs.

💠Hospital too far and fibroids

Contrary to widespread belief, hospital is too far does not treat or shrink fibroids. See a doctor for treatment if you have fibroids

💠Hospital too far and diabetes

Very good for diabetics. It lowers and regulates their blood sugar. Hospital too far does not cure diabetes though.

💠Hospital is too far and Hypertension

It is a natural antihypertensive on its own because it has the property of beta blockers – a blood pressure lowering drug.

💠Hospital not too far leaf and pregnancy

There is no research that have linked hospital is not too far to be harmful in pregnancy. It is safe but moderation is key. I however, do not advise a pregnant woman to drink hospital too far juice. Iyana ipaja leaf use in pregnancy is still not very categorical.

💠Hospital is too far and malaria

Hospital is not too far herb has antiplasmodial and antimalarial properties. It used used to treat and prevent malaria.

Hospital too far leaf for blood

Since it is rich in iron and folic acid…hospital too far is ideal for anemic patients since it helps boost red blood cell production by stimulating the bone marrow and increase PCV.

Hospital too far and internal heat

Hospital too far is believed by the locals to help calm the body system and treat internal heat.

Can a pregnant woman drink hospital too far juice?

Please it is not very safe to drink hospital too far juice. It may not harm the woman but please consider the unborn baby….whose organs are not strong enough to metabolise hospital too far leaves.




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  1. Thank you so much for this well researched and easy to understand write-up. I never knew I could make a tea of this leave. I am hypertensive, so I will try it right away since I have the plant growing luxuriantly in my premises. However, I would appreciate if you could include likely dosage and how the plant is used for each health condition. Thank you very much. You are highly appreciated. I have just subscribed to your newsletter.

  2. I had problems after using the ‘hospital too far’:

    1. It bit my fingers, and they were itchy and sore for many days like a bug stung me.
    2. I started breaking out in red hot itchy rashes in different parts of my body, like very big mosquito bites. I had to take an antihistamine to calm it, but it still re-occured.
    I had to stop taking the plant.
    What next can i do?

  3. Thanks so much for this educative write up, God bless you. Extracting d liquid of this leaf and drinking it without boiling it is harmful?

  4. What results will I get in my body system if I soak this leaf in water, and be drinking it everyday whenever I needed to drinking water?

  5. I have been drinking the water of this leaf raw for several years now and it gives me instant relief from any form of weakness, short of blood etc. You may be right in your findings but the raw juice of this plant saved me when I was losing breath and fainting. I just finished drinking the raw juice when I came across this article Thanks all the same for the information. I will stop drinking it raw.

  6. Goodmorning. Can HOSPITAL TOO FAR help me with a challenge of WEAK ARTERIES and IMPAIRED CIRCULATION ??

  7. As rightly advised, the leaf should not be consumed in it’s raw form. In addition, I enjoy it better when I cook it with waterleaf; it complements and softens the leaf. Again, adding a sizeable measure of the leaf to egusi soap is superb. It is very true that the white fluid from the stalk of the leaf itches when in contact with the skin, care should be taken when harvesting the leaf.

  8. Good morning, thanks for the information and God bless. What is the mode of application to darken graying hair. Awaits your response. Thanks

  9. It’s some how complicating here because, I just watched a YouTube video teaching us how to prepare the Ijana-ipaja leaf and drink it as juice at least once a week but advice that we shouldn’t eat the raw leafs but it can be cooked before eating and I have been drinking it once a week. My question is does that have any side effect or should I stop taking it? Thanks.

  10. Thank u sir for the educative write up. Sir please how can we use it for the following
    1- blood booster
    Also I squeeze it and mix the water with milk

  11. My brother a boy of 9 years is urinating with blood we have do several test and it does not work we found nothing in the test with several drugs will this hospital too far work for it and how can I do if it’s going to work for it how will I start to use it if I get a reply from you so I’ll be very glad and happy

  12. Thanks for this great write up, I happened to know about this Jatropha today 10/9/2021. May God grant you more wisdom to teach us.
    I intend to Sun-dry it, grind it into power, add to my food or drink or source etc, but what’s my fate, will it loose it’s potencies? I don’t have the plants around me that’s why.
    More so, Will the Cyanic acid automatically lost due to exposure to Sun?

  13. Thanks alot for this highly needed info, my question is to know if I have to throw away the water after boiling it for 3to4mins before I will continue or is it that I should boil it for that number of mins before I drink as tea, secondly do I need to wash the hospital too far with salt before boiling it else washing with clean water will do the good job.
    Thank you for responding.

  14. Thank you for this information, I came across it while researching more on how to boost my daughter’s immune system because of frequent hospital visit, I have used it before like years ago but the one I got now is fresh and its not turning to read, but a light green color after boiling, is it still the same one with the one that turns red?

  15. Have been praying for conception for 7years because I usually av irregular period, I started taking hospital too far as vegetables some times around August 2021 and now December 2021 I stated feeling pains around my tummy getting to d hospital I am told am 13weeks pregnant.i don’t know how it happened because I had stoped taking any medication since 4 years ago.

  16. The juice of this plant must it still be boiled before drinking? Many extract the liquid out of it, sometimes mixed with milk or without milk before drinking.
    How does its preparation goes for treating all you itemized here.

  17. Thanks for this newsletter, I understand more.can it be boiled for 3mints,then blend to extract the juice since it should not be taken raw to treat aneamia.

  18. Thanks for this educative write up. I’ve been looking for write up that suit my findings long ago about this leave (hospital too far). It’s indeed a health solution.

  19. Thanks for the information. Please, am in my 3rd month of pregnancy. Am sceptical about taking this hospital is far. Should l take it or not? I do take it before now but don’t know if it will affect me now.


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