Could I be pregnant and still have a regular period?

This is not true Madam. Usually, about 12 days after the egg is fertilized, it starts to dig into the wall of the womb so it can properly grow.

This digging is called implantation and might cause some bleeding.

This can be mistaken for a period because it usually happens when the period is supposed to.

So many things can cause bleeding during pregnancy and a period is not one of them.

Lets make this clear:

It might be a miscarriage
A fibroid also can cause bleeding, it might a pregnancy outside the womb.

If you miss your period and are sexually active one of the first things you should get is a pregnancy test.

Could I be pregnant and still have a regular period?
Could I be pregnant and still have a regular period? No. Bleeding while pregnant is a medical emergency.

Most people lose pregnancies without even knowing, because they assume that bleeding was the period that was late. Meanwhile…

In other cases, Miscarriages are very common in the first 3 months, nature might realize that this foetus will not live and it expels it.

Other times, the woman has no idea and might go drinking or take some drugs that might interfere with the pregnancy.

You CANNOT HAVE YOUR PERIOD AND STILL BE PREGNANT, the entire process of a period is cleaning the walls of the womb if no pregnancy has occurred so that a fresh one can start.

It’s really straightforward.

Don’t complicate things please.

If you ever bleed during pregnancy, don’t write it off. Head straight to the hospital. The earlier, the better.

In summary:

Not every bleeding from the vagina is your period. Probable causes of this include;

Implantation bleed

Threatened/Other types of Miscarriage

Cervical Polyps

Ectopic Pregnancy

Placenta Praevia

Placenta Abruption

Preterm Labour

Let me add that if you see vaginal bleeding while being pregnant, please see your doctor.

I wouldn’t want to scare anyone but don’t assume it’s your period because of a tweet you saw on Twitter.

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  1. I had unprotected sex then bought postinor2 although I took just one tablet from the two and left one untouched will I still get pregnant?


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