Is bitter kola good for a pregnant woman? Can bitter kola cause abortion? Relationship between bitter cola and pregnancy; can bitter kola cause miscarriage? Can bitter kola affect early pregnancy?

Please is it safe to chew bitter kola in Pregnancy?


Scientifically , there are limited research studies on this substance. However in some countries, it is believed to have anti morning sickness effects. Some few researchers have reasons to recommend bitter kola as an antidote to nausea and vomiting.

They found that the ethanol extract of the seed of Garcinia kola(bitter kola) and its seed skin had ability to control vomiting and nausea, thus providing for the first time the rationale for its use in African traditional medicine in the management of nausea and vomiting.

Is bitter kola good for a pregnant woman? Can bitter kola cause abortion?
Is bitter kola safe in pregnancy?

Garcinia kola, generally known as bitter kola is found in moist forest. It is cultivated and distributed throughout west and central Africa. It has been referred to as a ‘wonder plant’ because almost every part of it has been found to be of medicinal importance.

NB: Please check with your doctor.

These are however some of the health benefits of bitter kola in pregnancy…

1. Treats nausea and vomiting

A pregnant woman tends to develop nausea and vomiting very often. It is very uncomfortable for woman to be nauseous and develop the feeling of wanting to vomit (or actual vomiting). It makes them weak and dehydrated. Pregnant woman chew bitter kola to relieve these symptoms.

2. Lowers blood pressure in pregnancy

There are chemical substances in bitter kola that helps to regulate blood circulation. If pregnant woman chew bitter kola, it may help prevent hypertension in pregnancy. This should however, not substitute the place of a doctor.

3. Diabetes

The seeds of bitter kola are believed to possess the ability to lower blood glucose, which makes it a potential treatment for diabetes miletus.

4. Treating malaria

Bitter kola is believed to have chemical properties that allow it to be an antimalarial catalyst. It contains Kolaviron which is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, which has high antimalarial ability. You know this is very important because malaria is the major cause of anemia, miscarriage and low birth weight in africa.

5. Immunity

The immune system drops in pregnancy. Bitter kola influences multiple regulatory systems in the body, the immune system inclusive. It enables the body to adapt to stress and also acts as an anti-infective agent. It boosts the immune system to help fight off infections.

6. Cold and flu remedy

By possessing the ability to enlarge the alveolar sac and duct, Bitter kola provides relief for chest cold and goes on to prevent cold altogether. It is a potent expectorant


Can bitter kola cause abortion?

There is no research or report where bitter kola has been fingered to be a cause of miscarriage or abortion or birth defects. That bitter kola causes abortion is not scientifically backed and is largely unproven. I however, advise moderation when consuming bitter kola during pregnancy.

CAVEAT: This article is not a substitute to seeing a doctor over pregnancy related issues.

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