The Why, How, Where, Risks and Cost of EEG Test in Nigeria.

An EEG known as electroencephalogram is full terms is an investigative device used to check the electrical activity of the brain. It helps detect problems related to brain function. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns.

It is an investigative procedure for both adults and children but procedure and interpretation of results are the same.However, it is most times done for children.

Why is EEG Done?    

According to KIDSHEALTH, most EEGs are done to diagnose and monitor seizure disorders (epilepsy). EEGs also can identify causes of other problems, such as sleep disorders and changes in behavior. They are sometimes used to evaluate brain activity after a severe head injury or before a heart transplant or liver transplant.


If your child is having an EEG, preparation is very minimal and does not require much to do from your part . Ensure you remove or clean oils, sprays, and conditioner from your child’s hair to help the electrodes stick to the scalp.

Your doctor may recommend that your child stop taking certain medications before the test. It’s often recommended that children should not have caffeine up to 8-10 hours before the test.

Caffeine has been shown to interfere with the actual reading of EEG and can cause wrong results or interpretations. If it’s necessary for your child to sleep during the EEG, the doctor will suggest ways to help make this easier.

How and where is it done?

An EEG can be done in the doctor’s office, a laboratory, or a hospital. Your child will be asked to lie on a bed or sit in a chair depending on the doctor’s discretion. The electrical signals (or activity) from the brain are converted into wavy lines on a computer screen and interpreted.

Cost of EEG test in Nigeria
An EEG procedure in progress

Your child will be asked to lie still because movement can change the results. In Nigeria, established labs, private hospitals,and teaching in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Benin city, Kaduna, Enugu and other cities accross the country perform EEG procedure

How long does EEG test take?

Most EEGs take about an hour or more depending on the cooperation of the adult or child. If your child needs to sleep during it, the test will take longer.


Electroencephalogram test is relatively safe and no adverse had been recorded in persons. Let your mind be at rest, EEG is safe. It does NOT cause shocks on the scalp.

Interpretation of Results

After the recording of your child’s brain activity, the results are interpretated by a trained brain and nervous system specialist called a Neurologist.

Cost of EEG in Nigeria

It is not very cheap but it is very affordable. From the last time i checked, the cost of EEG in Nigeria is around N20,000 – N40,000 naira depending on the centre the test is carried out. It can be more or less. The price of having an EEG done should not deter you from having it done especially when requested by your doctor.

Be aware that the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) covers part payment of EEG in Nigeria.



Dr Udomoh

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