Have you met the 10-year old Olivia Farnsworth, the girl that feels no threat, pain, sleep, or hunger due to chromosome 6p deletion?

Olivia Farnsworth is a British girl of only 10 years old, born in Huddersfield, England, which has become a headache for science. She is a little girl whose story travels around the world. She is the only person in the entire world who has all three symptoms of the “chromosome 6 deletion”.

“Chromosome 6p deletion” is a rare chromosome condition that stops Olivia from feeling hunger, fatigue and pain.

Olivia Farnsworth
10-year old Olivia Farnsworth, bleeds when injured but feels no threat, pain, sleep, or hunger due to chromosome 6 deletion. She is a medical puzzle

Her condition was diagnosed at the age of 5 when she had fallen and her bottom teeth had gone through her bottom lip. Although she needed a surgery she wasn’t feeling any pain and her calmness was shocking for everybody.
According to the specialists who have studied her, she suffers from a unique chromosomal disorder that prevents her from feeling threats, sleep, tiredness, pain or hunger.

In 2016, when Olivia was 7-year-old, she went out with her mother and got run over. Eventually, she was hit by a car and dragged about 100 feet down the road. After that terrible accident, she just got up and started walking back to her mother. She was just like, “What’s going on?”

On the worldwide database, there are just 100 people with the ‘6p’ chromosome disorder. She is the only person who has all three symptoms of “no pain, sleep, and hunger.”

She never feels hungry, but she needs to eat. She does not feel pain, but her body can suffer, simply she will never realise it.

This is not Superpower as many persons may want to believe. The ability to feel pain/hunger is a physiological necessity. It’s dangerous not to be able to feel pain. Something sinister could be happening in the body which won’t be caught till it becomes fatal.

Most likely the reason she’d have herself in potentially harmful situations because she also can not perceive that things are likely to hurt her. Some persons may think this is a super power, but its an “under power” so to say. The ability to feel pain is a survival mechanism…

For all things living. People are likely to die when they don’t know that something has hurt them so much that it becomes fatal.

Imagine if you don’t have the reflex to quickly remove your hand from fire? You may stay and get burnt entirely.

Some persons have dubbed Olivia Farnsworth Logan’s daughter while some call her a Bionic. She remains a medical puzzle.

Source: The Airmingle


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