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A cardiologist is a medical doctor (physician) and a specialist that specialises in the treatment and diagnosis of heart diseases and blood vessels diseases.

Cardiologist salary in Nigeria
A cardiologist
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Common cardiovascular diseases are hypertension, heart failure, congenital heart diseases, stroke, cardiomyopathies, coronary artery diseases, atherosclerosis, hypotension and many more.

Apart from the treatment and diagnosis of heart and circulatory disorders, a cardiologist also perform electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography, interventional cardiology and many more.

For the number of cardiologists in Nigeria, according to AFRICACHECK.ORG, Nigeria has 332 cardiologist serving an estimated population of 200,000,000 people. The cardiologist to patient ratio is Nigeria is therefore worrisome…… Cardiologist to Patient Ratio is 1 to 600,000. That is 1 cardiologist is supposed to be seeing over 600,000 Nigerians.

How much do cardiologists earn in Nigeria? Cardiologist Salary in Nigeria

Though there are complaints of poor renumeration of Nigerian doctors but i am not going to dwell on that.

Here is a breakdown of cardiologists Salary in Nigeria using the federal salary structure of most teaching hospitals in Nigeria

👉 A junior resident in cardiology earns around N350,000 naira monthly after tax.

👉 A senior registrar in Cardiology is paid around N480,000 naira (after tax) monthly.

👉 A consultant cardiologist (specialist) earns close to N800,000 Naira (after tax) monthly.

Apart from working in teaching hospitals, a senior registrar and consultant cardiologist do private practice and in Nigeria, most senior cardiologists i know earns up to 1 million naira untaxed income from private practice.

Infact, in Nigeria, a consultant cardiologist can earn up to N30,000,000 naira annually (per annum) – from both teaching hospitals and private practice.

How to become a cardiologist in Nigeria

You have to become a doctor first. That is, you will apply to study Medicine in any of the accredited universities either through the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or via direct entry. Thereafter, you will graduate with your first degree in medicine called MBBS.

With your MBBS, you will do the compulsory but paid one year internship programme called housejob. After your internship, if you want to become a specialist in heart and blood vessel diseases, your will write medical entrance exams (primaries) to enable you apply for residency training in cardiology in any of the accredited teaching hospitals in Nigeria.

Now, in 5 -6 years, if you pass your residency exams without hitches, you will become a certified cardiologist. Becoming a cardiologist in Nigeria or any part of the world is very tedious, this is just a summary.

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