How to grow your virgin hair fast in Nigeria, treatment of Virgin hair in Nigeria.

Virgin hair is simply the hair that you were born with…. (follow come hair). It has never been re-touched, permed, relaxed or coiled. It is your natural hair to put it in simple terms…. it is chemically unprocessed human hair.

Women and men of different cultures, nationalities and races have their own method of making their virgin hair grow fast, healthy and naturally….

How to grow your virgin hair fast in Nigeria
Tips on how to grow your virgin hair fast in Nigeria

Nigeria is not left out in this game of healthy hair business, here are smart ways on how to grow your virgin hair fast without any side effects on the hair or scalp.

1. Discover your hair type

Discovering your hair type helps you to know the right treatment to qive your hair.

2. Avoid frequent washing

Wash your hair only when necessary and not more than once a week, also mind the shampoos you use, go for Chebe Shampoo so that it doesnt
leave your hair feeling too dry.

3. Protect the ends of your hair

Leaving your hair down exposes it to breakage Put your hair in a bun, braids, or other style the keeps your ends tucked away fasten your
hairdo with bobby pins, since elastic bands can rip out your hair.

4. Butter up your hair

Whenever you feel your hair gettingg too dry even after applyinq leave in conditioners, dont fail to butter up your hair dailų, this helps in sealing up the leave in conditioner thereby helping your hair maintain moisture.

5. Make use of spritz

Spritz is a mixture of water and assorted essential oils, though water is the main composition. Spraying spritz daily on your hair
keeps it moisturized.

6. Rub hair oils daily

The magical effect of essential hair oils in the Hair cannot be over emphasized. The ginger oil allows blood flow in your scalp while the
Carrot oil strenghens the roots to
stop it from breakage.

7. Allow your hair dry in its own – No hair dryer

The heat from hair dryer breaks the hair and hinders it from getting to the desired length you dream of. Rather wrap your hair in silk satin bonnets and let it dry overnight.

8. Invest in leave in conditioners

When you wash your hair, some natural oils leave the hair, this is why the daily use of leave in conditioner cannot be over emphasized. You can also formulate your own home made

Other methods that persons have testified to be effective in growing virgin hair fast, shiny and healthy .

Regular Massage your scalp

Minimize the use Of hair styling tools and hair cosmetics to avoid breakage.

Avoid products made with silicones, sulfates, and alcohol on the hair

Use Satin Fabric Pillowcase

Eating and sleeping well helps virgin hair growth

Try hair boosting creams that contain supplements such as folic acid, omega three fatty acids, protein, B-complex vitamins, biotin.

Rinse your hair with cold water immediately after each shower

Use rice water and melted black soap.

Onion juice contain a lot of sulphur that helps fasten hair growth and remove fungi scalp infections such as dandruff.

Egg mask regimen, which contains numerous amount of phosphorous helps hair growth.

Natural ingredients for hair growth and thickness in Nigeria are mariwana leave and seed, Shea butter, rice water etc.


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