LOL: Mothers share pictures of the awkward sleeping positions of their toddlers (children)

Toddlers, children or Little humans are full of surprises and unexplainable idiosyncrasies…

Of course, medically, back to sleep position is recommended to avoid sudden infant death but these kids have discovered the sleeping positions that best suits them. These impossibly awkward sleeping positions by these toddlers are so funny that you will be forced to laugh out loud.

Here are some pictures of the awkward sleeping positions posted by some mothers on Twitter 👇

1. Mans sleeping like Naruto shadow clones 🤣🤣🤣

Baby sleeping in a weird position

2. Look at this. I can just explain it at all.

What is this baby searching for?

3. I honestly think it’s the vaccines they give these kids cos we were not like this. Should we be concerned Thinking face. And why the corner, bafunani lapho?

Awkward sleeping positions by toddlers
Haha.. Belly sleeping

4. Mine sleeps like this……gat no worries.

Awkward sleeping positions by toddlers
Awkward sleeping positions by toddlers

5. This worries me big time. I at times cry when i see him like this.But I was told it is normal by a doctor.

Sleeping awkwardly with both hands back

6. I found mine sleeping with her shades on. This could be the terminator we are waiting for.

Terminator 3

7. My boy does this I have been asking myself a meaning of this. I have more than 20 pics of him like this. U fix him he does it immediately.

8. And she want to sleep standing like this Sleeping faceSleeping face

Awkward sleeping positions by toddlers

9. My nephew. He’s actually sleeping … quite confusing and hilarious.

10. Van Damme plus karate kid in one person.

Awkward sleeping positions by toddlers
Van Damme sleeping position

11. i left her in a normal sleeping position….20minutes later…..i found her like this…😂 😂 😂

12. My Lil brother after a long day of doing Nothing. No job, no worries, no taxes….. just eat play and sleep.

Buzzard sleeping position


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