Health benefits of Cooked or roasted corn (with pear) including calories.

The delicacy of roasted or cooked corn does not doesn’t know tribe or religion, i know its loved amongst all Nigerians and Africans.

Whether eaten with pear, coconut or even with groundnuts (e shock you?)

Its in season already and you might wondering what benefits it confers to the consumer.
Lets see.

Per 1 cup i.e 165g.
Calories—— 177kcal
Carbs ———41g
Fat———- 2.1g.
Vit c——— 17% of daily value
Thiamin—— 24% of dv
Folate ——–19% of dv
Magnesium—— 11% of dv
Potassium ——- 10% of dv.

CARBS contained in these cuties are in form of starch which is easily absorbed into the blood stream and causes a quick raise in blood glucose, even though the fibre content still helps to reduce the spike.

it is advisable for diabetics especially, to use them as a main meal rather than snack if they must.
Cooked maize is better of thoughWinking faceFace savouring food

Health benefits of Cooked or roasted corn
The Health benefits of Cooked or roasted corn (with pear) are numerous


Roasted corn and coooked corn have the same calories of 177kcal.

Health benefits eating roasted or cooked corn with pear or coconut

1. Lowers blood cholesterol

2. Boosts immunity and vital especially in this era of coronavirus

3. Relieves constipation (contain high amount of fibre)

4. Good for the eyes and improves vision as it contains good amount of vitamin A

5. Perfect In pregnancy, it is believed to reduce the risk of developing birth defects and improves the development of the brain

6. Lowers cancer risk

7. it is satisfying

8. Very good for diabetics. Roasted corn or cooked corn does not disturbs blood sugar.

9. African pears are also rich in niacin, thiamine, magnesium, pantothenate folate, potassium, calcium, amino acids, fibre, phosphorus, riboflavin, carbohydrates and vitamin B6.

Cooked corn with pear
Cooked maize with pear is a delicacy anytime, any day
Credit: Cookpad

10. Roasted or cooked corn are a good source of antioxidants as it contains carotenoid antioxidants which support the system and protects our skins and eyes from oxidative stress.

11. Corn is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and carbs for children.

Stay safe in this COVID19 pandemic and boost your immune system in this corn season.


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