Nigerian Foods that causes pimples, what food causes pimples?, foods that causes pimples and oily skin.

Pimples are a major skin problems that affects mainly young people. Acne as it is medically called could be that bad, apart from the pain, it distorts the supposed smooth appearance of the face and affects self esteem and dampens public confidence.

The causes of pimples have scientific explanations but many persons including Nigerians have attributed the food diet/food (especially foods rich in fat and oils) we eat as the single most important factor that contribute to the growth of facial pimples… and we are going to discuss that below.

What are the Nigerian foods that causes pimples?

Many Nigerians believe that oily foods causes pimples and they try as much as possible to avoid it… Below are some the foods rich in oils that are perceived to cause pimples.

1. Groundnut

Young people especially teenagers dread eating groundnuts because of the fear of developing acne. Although there is no scientific explanation for this believe, there are numerous testimonies of people on spurted pimples after eating groundnuts. Groundnuts are known to be rich in fats and oils and could be responsible for the production of sebum -an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands that could sometimes block the passageway for sweat and lead to the growth of acne.

List of Foods that causes acne in Nigeria
Groundnut, one of the Nigerian Foods that causes pimples

2. Chocolate

Becoming a basic snack for trendy Nigerians. Rich in fats and oils and have been associated with the development of pimples. Still no scientific research backing this but from epidemiological studies and testimonies.

Foods that causes pimples
Chocolate and acne
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3. Ice Cream

Some persons have complained of developing a rapid growth of facial pimples whenever the eat ice cream. Don’t forget that ice cream is now in our menu due to westernization if our diets.

foods that causes pimples in Nigeria

4. Fast foods/Junks

Don’t be Surprised, economic growth and the need to meet up with daily work commitments has ensured that junks known mildly as fast foods have taken centre stage in Nigeria’s food menu. I know you’re used to eating fast foods like french fries, burger, potato chips, pizza, and many more.

While fast foods are quick to arrive on your plate and greatly satisfy your taste buds, they also encourage rapid and successive acne breakouts. Since they go through a lot of frying and baking, fast foods contain trans fat, refined carbs, and saturated fats that disrupt hormone levels and cause inflammation, which eventually leads to pimple breakouts.

Nigerian foods that causes acne
Junk foods causes acne

5. Alcohol

From time immemorial, Nigerians use alcohol to relax and while away time especially after work. Scientifically, alcohol causes an imbalance in either the testosterone or estrogen levels in your body, leading to acne breakouts.

Alcohol causes pimples

6. Coffee

Many Nigerians who are office workers consume a lot of coffee to stay alert at work.. However, it can cause acne breakouts. This is because, consuming coffee increases the cortisol levels in your system, which can induce stress and elevate stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of acne. And a rise in the cortisol levels leads to the overproduction of sebum.

Nigerian foods that causes acne
Coffee causes pimples

7. Sugar

We consume a lot of sugar -be it in ice creams, cakes, soda, beverages and many more. Acne is a pro-inflammatory condition. Sugar is pro-inflammatory and causes acne breakouts.

Nigerian diets that causes pimples
Sugar promotes acne growth

8. Dairy products/Skimmed milk

Cow’s milk, particularly skim milk, has been associated with acne breakouts.It is thought to be due to a high-sugar content within the milk and perhaps due to circulating hormones from the lactating cow which causes acne.

Interestingly, yoghurt, and cheese have not been scientifically associated with acne flares.

What foods causes pimples
Skimmed milk trigger acne black outs

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