The traditional medical practice have been with us from time immemorial, and the orthodox medical practice developed from it. The earliest known professional healer known to man was Imotep of ancient Egypt [Kemet].He is the ‘god’ of Medicine before the Father of Medicine was stolen by the Europeans and given to Hypocrates and the oath of the profession was named Hypocratic Oath.

Imotep was a spiritualist, a pharmacist, a doctor and even more than that. All that was used in early days was healing via such methods like exorcism and administering herbs, which is still with us till date. Worthy of note is that the current modern scientific-backed Medicine is derived from it.

Ask a Pharmacist, the branch reserved for the traditional medicine is known as Pharmacognosy. A friend did his final year project in that area. What seperate both profession is the knowledge of the active ingredient , dosage, possible adverse effects and contraindication. Most importantly, the traditional healers do not do diagnosis and administer the medication for multiple health conditions.

Madagascar Cure
The Controversial Madagascar cure for coronavirus called COVID Organics

The traditional medicine works, but… To buttress the efficacy of the traditional herbs, a Professor of Pharmacy Obiawu investigated an anti-epileptic concoction that the Efandion village people of Uromi , Edo state, used that was known to significantly alleviate seizure in patients for centuries. He worked with other researches to isolate the active ingredient , Piconamides, which is still being used by the Swedish people who worked with the distinguished Prof.[ You know our government is never serious!].

That is a simple illustration that even most of the Over-The-Counter and Prescribed medication you take came from the natural herbs. Yet, because the traditional practice is not well-regulated most of the practise is quackering and the most practitioners are focused on the commercial aspect ; hence they tell a lot of lie. The novel coronavirus is being researched for a cure and vaccine. There is an urgent need to develop a drug and every hand is on deck.

The Madagascar drug is the first bold statement as to the provision of the solution to this pandemic. Should we accept this cure with verbatim ‘curative’ therapy from the county’s herbalist and even their President? Absolute resounding NO! It does not work like that. It must be subjected to objective scrutiny and testing to know the active ingredient, potential side effects and toxicity or we might be drinking poison that we don’t know. This is what is called SCIENTIFIC METHOD. This one of the first topic in a science class for anyone reading this post that ever attended a school. This method involve making a hypothesis and the doing experiments in stages. The first experiment will involve in vivo laboratory test of the drugs, then animal testing before one can progress to careful human trial which is called CLINICAL TESTING.

To have a new drug takes 10 to 12 years. Even if it is obviously seen to be working data need to be taken for a long time and post-surveillance is done even after approval. In an emergency like covid19, the drugs being used are not regarded as ‘sure’ because they have not passed through all the phases, until so many years. For those criticing World Health Organisation, you should note that they did not reject the Madagascar drug. As an advisory body that only give guidelines for medical practice they have done their part in advising countries to test the drug using known scientific method.

In my country Nigeria, virtually everyone is a football coach ,public opinion analysts and they have added scientific analysts to their title with the recent pandemic. Everyone have something to say . They believe more on the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS and the ALARMISTS more than established facts. It is dissappointing that supposedly educated people are the ones advocating for unverified claims and fueling the confusion for the less educated or the uneducated.

There are people on the internet who are making themselves popular in trying to confuse others, especially from the United states , who do for commercial reasons to have traffic to their sites and channels. Most of us on the internet were vaccinated because we were born in the hospital , which saved us from the 6 childhood diseses still killing children in the North not born in hospital. Such diseases, like polio have been totally eliminated in the South.

In science, when you have a contrary opinion , you subject it to test to change or modify the current body of knowledge and that might win you an award, up to Nobel Laurette. It had happened before and it will continue amongst scientists. Those that go to public or internet to rebel and try to change public opinion have ulterior motives. They pass through different stages. Initially, they will deny a concept intoto, like claiming there is nothing like Covid19. When they dont succeed with that , they will propound they own concept about the phenomenon, like covid19 is caused by 5G, the earth is flat….The circle will end and they will continue rebelling against another scientifically established facts.

The disturbing issue are the shapers of public opinions like politicians and clergymen: either due to their half-baked knowledge or to keep their followers for selfish reason or both are the ones pushing these unfounded claims of the conspiracy theorists. My people, this post is for the academically and scientific-minded and not for those with street mentality.

End of article. But what is your sincere take on the Madagascar cure?

This Opinion on the Madagascar Cure was written by Charles Akhimienmhonan (MBBS Benin)


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