DISCUSSION: Blacks are 4 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than other races? What is responsible for this?

Out of the 75, 000 deaths recorded in the United States so far from coronavirus, more than 60 percent of the victims are blacks Americans according to a national study conducted by an AIDS research group.

But why is this so?

Dr. Joe Abah, Nigerian public servant and institutional reformer tries to stir up this discussion among his thousands of followers on Twitter and the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG found some of the discussions on the reasons there are more black deaths in America than the whites worthy of sharing.

In his words: “Black people are twice as likely to die from COVID-19? Flushed face Why would that be the case?”

This infograph culled from counterpunch.org gives a clearer picture👇

Blacks are 4 times more likely to die from COVID-19
Blacks are 4 times more likely to die from COVID-19? Why?

Comments and Reasons below

Ngozi Onuoha MD MBA-HCM

We (blacks) have more comorbid conditions which are often not controlled or poorly controlled; for example elevated blood pressure not at goal and uncontrolled blood sugars which cause an increase in mortality in covid19 disease.

Olaleke Folaranmi

These reports are from mostly the US and UK…I have a strong suspicion about health care access disparity playing the major role.

Idris Sanusi

This requires detailed analysis. Blacks are in more front line duties. We tend to have more morbid conditions and most are not even aware of these conditions. We do not eat healthily, and could lack essential vitamins – C,D. We are in lower paid jobs and live in bad conditions.

Daba Omorogbee

Living conditions, more underlining issues and lower immune system maybe due to lack of Vit D.

Ade of Nigeria

When two (different kind) people get into intensive care, and there’s only one ventilator….

*wild assumption*


Black people have stronger immune system so some times they don’t even have early symptoms, by the time the black man falls sick the virus has eaten far. White folks fall sick early enough. Their weakness has become an advantage

Waheed Alabede

90% of people who went on Ventilators died. What is certain is the high incidence of Asthma, Diabetes, and High blood pressure among the black NY population compared to the general population. That is the same group most susceptible to COVID-19.

Godwin Omoiyabo Oludare Wilson

I think they only assumed that, owing to the fact that their study was based on blacks living abroad of which majority are into menial jobs. Meaning, those doing menial jobs are likely to get infected more. But in general, Africa will rise against its for and the time is now.

Ibitoye Joyce

Not as wild as one might hope. Prejudice also plays a part in the UK & USA. This sentiment, we are all in God’s hand (which is true) led to lots of black deaths in America. Ignorance a big factor. We all die eventually, but hopefully not before our time Young single mothers dying leaving small children with no carers Perpetuates poverty now and in future

Frica Unite

Nothing genetic, just living conditions, underlying health issues, access to health care and the likes.

Olabisi Ajisegbede

Most of them have untreated underlining medical condition.
The black man is more disposed to diabetes because of our cabonhydrate based diet.

Yong Covik

I don’t believe blacks are twice likely to die of the Covid19..
We have been coerced to believe we have a weaker immune and poor healthcare system. The truth is African have a stronger immune system than anybody compared….


Having good immune system in Africa is a myth… What we do have actually is poor database to substantiate the reality of needless deaths occurring per second due to our sub optimal economic and health care systems.


Likely due to the socioeconomic disparity between blacks and white

I am sure Indians, Pakistanis et al in the UK and US also have higher deaths

Furthermore, blacks generally have higher comorbidities esp. HTN which gets complicated due to unhealthy diets & poor drug compliance.


Read somewhere that black people not having as much vitamin D as other races could be the likely cause. Don’t know how true is this assertion.

Bayonle Arashi

In the context of my current country of residence, it will be the lack of a healthy lifestyle. smoking of weed without control, eating unhealthy food, and lack of any kind of exercise equate to a fragile immune system. My one kobo.


Hmm.. Too much of a sweeping statement by the media. However the percentage of black people in the UK in blue collar jobs where working from home is not an option vis a vis white collar jobs is high. Also high percentage working in the NHS and using public transport.


Abroad, black people are also more likely to work in service industry where working from home is almost impossible. With higher exposure, mathematically comes higher death….

End of discussion…

Featured Image:CounterPunch


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