Do you struggle to find your perfect scent? here you will find a couple of tips in order to ease this process.


Finding your “scents” is a quite important and time-consuming journey, but when you find “your” smell, you will feel comfortable and people will start relating the smell you chose to you.
Right now, let’s start our research with thinking about the smells we like.

Think about your day, your vacation, or a place you like, what comes up in your memories? Maybe you like the citrus smell of limes, or maybe you like the nutty smell of your favorite cake. Is it a smell of burning wood of a fireplace? Or, possibly, the cinnamon coffee scent?

Now, you know what scents appeal better for you? From here, based on your taste and the preferences you’ve found out, you can walk into any perfume store and start smelling, smelling, smelling! ?

1. Smell

First step in finding your perfect scent is having a good sample of them. Start with a visit 2 a perfume store, consult with a salesperson, and smell multiple perfumes.

Take breaks & smell coffee in betwn the perfumes, which will help you “reset” your scent indicators.

Don’t spray directly into your skin. The first test on a blotter, spraying from 5 inches away and giving about 30 seconds for the perfume to dry. This will five the alcohol time to evaporate and the middle notes to come out.

Sniff gently. Don’t put the blotter right up against your nose but sniff from a distance. Any contact with your skin could deposit spent molecules that could interfere with your ability to smell other perfumes.

2. Analyze

In the process of smelling a scent, try to analyze it. What do you smell? Is it an orange, hibiscus, or chocolate? How would you describe it? Is it smoky, woody, floral, or sweet? Make notes on which ingredients you like, and it will be easier to come up with your perfect combination. Always sniff coffee beans in between testing various perfumes as stated earlier. This is a “palate cleanser” that will neutralize other Perfume odor molecules. Having a sip of water in between sniffs can also help restore your sense of smell.

3. Give it a chance

When you’ve selected the perfume you think you like, spray it onto your wrist and leave it there. In this case, the smell will have a chance to “open up” and you will be able to understand if you like it after several hours of wearing it…

How to identify good/original perfumes

You may not have liked a particular floral, spice, or citrus scents in the past. But, don’t be closed minded to anything. Give your sense of smell a chance to try new things and you may just be surprised by the combinations of scents that work.

4. Start with lighter scents

Start with smelling and trying the lighter scents, gradually moving towards the heavier ones. Starting with the latter or trying different ones at the same time might discourage you and confuse your scent indicator.

Source: ProformoNg


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