FACT: There are NO universities in Nigeria that offers Dermatology as a course plus how to become a dermatologist in Nigeria.


I just want to put things in the right perspectives and debunk the numerous misinformation concerning dermatology in Nigeria. …This has become necessary as everyone is now a skin care expert and urgently needs a certificate for validation. No wonder, schools or universities that offer dermatology as a Bsc course are the the most searched topics on google in Nigeria today.

Before I continue, please get these facts right👇

That you are an “expert” in mixing bleaching creams and skin toning products does not make you a dermatologist.

That you sell skin care products does not make you a dermatologist

That you have a smooth shining and well nurtured skin does not make you a dermatologist

You own a beauty or cosmetic shop does not make you a dermatologist.

That you are an expert in “bursting pimples” does not make you a dermatologist

Having a clean face and looking beautiful and radiant does not automatically certify you to add dermatologist to your name.

Being a make up artist does not make you a dermatologist.

You can decide to follow this thread on twitter to understand how the word “dermatologist” has been abused by so many skin care quacks on social media.

Don’t be scammed, there are NO universities in Nigeria that offers Dermatology as a course.
Now that it is getting clearer, how do you become a dermatologist?

It is NOT easy… First you have to become a medical doctor, that is, pass your WAEC or NECO in one sitting, buy JAMB (UTME) form and apply to study medicine in any of the MDCN/NUC accredited Nigerian universities that offers Medicine.

After you have passed you JAMB, make sure you pass you POST-JAMB and meet the cut-off mark assigned for admission into medicine in your chosen school.. Then you will study medicine for 6 years and if you are hardworking enough succeed in getting your first medical degree called MBBS.

Now that you are a doctor, you will go in for a compulsory paid one-year internship (horsemanship) training in any of the govt approved hospitals and thereafter go for your compulsory 1 year youth service to serve your fatherland or get exemption letter if you have past the age at graduation.

Hurray! you are now a derma…… …. far from it! You are not there yet…. you will write another medical entrance exam called PRIMARIES which you must pass before you can START a residency training in DERMATOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES for another 5-6 years…

You will write a series of very tasky exams and must pass them before you will be certified a specialist in Dermatology, that is, CONSULTANT DERMATOLOGIST. A certified dermatologist belongs to the Nigerian Association of Dermatologists and they have a register of their members.

There are NO universities in Nigeria that offers Dermatology
A medical doctor and a Dermatologist

From this article, you can see it takes about 14 years to become a dermatologist in Nigeria and the learning continues.

ON A FINAL NOTE: There is NO university offering Dermatology in Nigeria or any part of the world.

Dermatology is a post graduate medical program and you have to be a medical doctor first to be eligible to apply.

Dermatology is not by mixing bleaching creams… I leave you with this my explosive tweet👇

Same way there is no University that offers anaesthesiology as a course

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