Profile of Dr Anu of Med Contour Clinic, the wanted and runaway fake “plastic surgeon”, Dr Anu Fella biography and qualifications.

What do we know about her?

Dr Anu Fella also called Sisi Anu, is medical doctor in her 30s that runs the now closed down Med Contour plastic surgery clinic in Lagos. She is NOT a certified plastic surgeon and has allegedly caused bodily trauma and even death to his patients who visit her clinic for body enhancement surgeries..

Picture of Dr Anu of Medcontour Clinic
Picture of Dr Anu of Medcontour Clinic

Here is what we know about her and the story surrounding and present issue with the law:


There are reports that Dr Anu graduated from UNILAG/LUTH in 2016/2017 and didn’t even finish the compulsory one-year internship programme thereafter before she set up a private hospital where she illegally carry out cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, butt and breast enlargement surgeries. According to a source that knows her personally:

“I was in LUTH the same period with Dr Anu and this babe finished 2016/2017. “How she’s already a plastic surgeon is beyond me. In 3 years, she has done house job, undergone residency for surgery (3 years or so) and another residency for plastic surgery, How?? She didn’t even finish internship before she opened medcontour clinic”.

“Yes she is a doctor quite alright, but Anu’s qualifications as a plastic surgeon or any surgeon at all is a big lie. Anu is not a specialist, infact, she should go and complete her internship program in LUTH. Anu Fella’s case shows the corruption and rot in Nigeria’s medical system”.

A death so many

A family dragged Dr Anu last year for killing their sister . Dr Anu of medcontour is not qualified as a plastic surgeon and many cases of deaths reported in her clinic . She shut down last year and ran after killing a beauty queen . It was allover the news .
Profile of Dr Anu of Medcontour, the wanted and runaway fake "plastic surgeon"
Recent Controversy: Hip and butt enlargement for a client gone wrong – Omotee surgery gone wrong
Dr Anu of Medcontour Clinic has always taken the controversy concerning her unauthorized plastic surgeries in her stride but this latest one have sent her running as the federal government is now interested in her case. How come? One of her client called Omhotee accused her of destroying her body after a failed hip or buttocks enlargement surgery. Omhotee went to her instagram handle to beg Nigerians that if she died following her failed plastic surgery, Dr Anu should be held responsible. Doctor Anu replied her via the Medcontour handle on instagram saying she was suffering from a mental illness called body dismorphic disorder (BDD).
Well, here is their different account of events that happened…
Omhotee in a short video
Omhotee complains the complications she is suffering from Dr Anu butt enlargement on her
Sisi Anu’s Reply
Profile of Dr Anu of Medcontour Clinic, the wanted and runaway fake "plastic surgeon"
Federal Consumer Protection Agency shuts down Medcontour Clinic, declares Dr Anu wanted for medical malpractice…
The social media outrage and gory stories(from other victims) of Dr Anu’s illegal cosmetic surgeries in her clinic prompted the Chairman of consumer protection agency, Tunde Irekure, to swing into action and issue an arrest warrant for Dr Anu after finding her culpable of possible medical malpractices. Medcontour clinic is shutdown and Dr Anu is presently on the run.
Here is their memo.
Latest and Trending Controversy (June 10th)
After running away from law enforcement agencies, she was finally arrested and taken to Panti Police Station for questioning but was later released under controversial curcumstances probably because the complainants (including Omhotee) refused to press charges.
But just a month after her release, Dr Anu Fella re-opened Med Contour Clinic, released uncharitable statements on her social media handle, absolving herself of any wrongdoing, claimed victimization and blamed LUTH for killing her clients since in her own understanding, they fail to manage the patients who suffer complications of the cosmetic surgery she performs on them.
Within this short period, Doctor Anu performed a failed breast augmentation surgery on a client that got bad, got infected (draining foul smelling pus) and the patient now stand a risk of losing her two breasts. In a well circulated video that has gone viral, the patient cries out from her hospital bed at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). The lady claims she paid 1.65 million naira to Anu Fella for this failed breast enlargement and lift.
Here is the viral video:
Lady cries out.
There’s nothing wrong in body enhancement, just make sure you use a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. I hope the medical association in Nigeria look into this case and do something fast. Dr Anu’s clinic has allegedly been a death trap for a long time now. Is the Nigerian Government, NMA, and the MDCN really ready to stop her or will continue to look away while she continue to out innocent lives at risk with her quackery.
Nigerians are watching….


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