List of private hospitals in Benin-city and their addresses.

As your all know by now that investment in healthcare can be undertaken by private individuals, companies and conglomerate apart from government. It is true that only UBTH and Central Hospital in Benin cannot fully satisfy the health needs of people because of the ever growing population which has expectly overwhelm their capacity hence the need for privately run hospitals to fill in this gap.

List of private hospitals in Benin-city
Benin Medical Care, one of the newest private hospitals in Benin-city

So I decided to draw a list of big private hospitals in Benin city and their addresses to make accessing them easy.

List of Private hospitals in Benin city, Edo state Nigeria

1. Lily Hospitals Limited Benin City

17 Edo-Osagie Street Off Reservation Road, Off Airport Road, Benin City

2. Owen Hospital

101, New Lagos Road, Uselu, Benin city

3. Mount Gilead

NO 1 Mount Gilead Close, Uselu quarters, Benin City
4. Irowa Medical Center
2 Oliha Lane, Sapele Road, Oka, Benin City, Edo
0702 598 4156
5. Bethel Faith Medical Centre
8 oba erediauwa street, off Ekehuan Rd, Ogogugbo, Benin City
0803 581 8549
6. City of Hope Medical Centre
Km 7, Sapele Express Road (Before Winners Chapel),Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria Ikpoba Okha, 300105, Benin City
0807 177 3099
7. Avon Healthcare Modic Medical Centre
6 Akenzua Street, Off Adesogbe Road, Ogogugbo 300271, Benin City.
0803 703 3044
8. Lutron Medical Center, Benin City, Edo State
19Th St, Ugbowo, Benin City
0802 909 0055
9. Standard Medical Clinic & Maternity
Uselu, Benin City
10. Ebony Medical Center
59 Uwasota Rd, Uselu, Benin City
0802 883 4162
11. Quality Medical Center
23 Erinmwioghae street, opposite technical college, Benin City
0809 156 4111
12. Orestes Medical Center
Akenzua Rd, Ogogugbo, Benin City
0703 159 9842
13. Eagle View Medical Center
6 Upper Adesuwa Grammar School Road, Oka, Benin City
14. Fich Medical Centre (Now Laurel Medical Center)
7, Ivbiogie Street Upper Mission Road, Benin City
15. Ihenyen Medical Centre
Ogiegbaen St, Ogogugbo, Benin City
0803 359 5764
16. Ekpen Medical Center
1st Agho Lane & Off Agho Street, Ogogugbo, Benin City, Edo
17. Osula Royal Hospital
4, Idahosa Lane Off Mission Road, Avbiama, Benin City, Edo
18. God’s Care Hospital
Ekehuan Rd, Ogogugbo, Benin City
19. Lella Specialist Hospital
Ihama Rd, Oka, Benin City
20. The Rock Hospital
39 Imuentinyan Street, Off Ihama Road, GRA 300271, Benin City
0802 340 8638
21. Benin Medical Center
53, Adesuwa Road, off Sapele Road, GRA, Benin City, Edo State

22. Elinosa Medical Centre (EMDS)

#69, PZ Road, off Benin Sapele Rd, Oka, Benin City
0905 232 7755
Upper Mission Rd, Use, Benin City

24. Providence Medical Center

No 3, Chief S.A. Ohanmu Road, By 7up Plant, Opp. Okhunhun Road Junction, Iguosa Lagos, Benin St, Benin City

25. Total HealthCare Medical Centre

Benin-Lagos Road, Isihor, Opposite S & T Barracks, Benin city
26. Zimran medical centre (Zimran Orthopaedic Clinic)
25, Imafidon Street, Uwasota Rd, Use, Benin City
27. Hope Medical Centre
Evbukhu Road, Benin City
0806 434 9728
28. St. Philomena’s Catholic Hospital Benin City
#23 Dawson Road, off Akpakpava Rd, 300271, Benin City
0807 159 3127
29. Tona Hospital
Odion St, Benin City
30. Friel’s Eye Clinic
Opp Owina Street, 12 Sakponba Road, Avbiama, Benin City, Edo State
0803 219 1545
31. MaxiHealth Medical Centre
1 Emuze Street off Central Rd, Oko
0706 488 5783
32. Vinda Medical Centre
10 1st Uwa Lane, Oka, Benin City
33. Igbinobaro Medical Center
Ehaekpen Rd, Use, Benin City
34. Celltek Healthcare Medical Center
Izu – Osayogie Road, Uselu, Benin City
40a, 1st Ugbor Road, Benin City
0803 725 5958
36. God’s Divine Favour Clinic & Maternity Centre
18 Akugbe Street, Off New Lagos Rd, Use, Benin City
0807 274 1990
37. Freedom Medical Centre
Opp. Oguola Junction, 89 Erhunmwunse St, Ogogugbo, Benin City
0905 762 6066
38. Bell Excellent Medical Centre
Opposite Universal Junction, 114 Okhoro Rd, Use, Benin City, Edo
39. Prime Care Clinic & Maternity
5 Edaiken Primary School Road, Uselu, Benin City
0803 075 2284
40. Aniso Specialist Medical Center
No. 11 2nd Federal Road, Off 4th Street Road or Off Benin Technical Coal Road, Uselu Limited Benin City
Benin, Edo
41. Edi International Hospital Benin
1 Coronation Drive G.R.A
This article on the list of private hospitals in Benin-city was compiled by DR UDOMOH.


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