100 Level Medicine Courses/Subjects in Medicine 1st Year in Nigeria.

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After scaling the huddles of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, passing the Post UTME and finally gaining admission into any Nigerian University to Study Medicine and Surgery, young medical school entrants are usually not aware of the subjects/courses they are supposed read in their first year (100 level).

Most of them erroneously think they will immediately be introduced into core medical courses like Anatomy, Physiology, Biohemistry but this is not the case as you will be introduced to these subjects in year 2 (200 level).

The truth is, all universities offering Medicine in Nigeria will re-introduce and re-imbibe you with the normal science courses like Physics, Chemistry and Biology you are used to but this time, at a much higher level.

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As a doctor that studied in one of the prominent medical schools in Nigeria – University of Benin to be precise, i can recall vividly that these were the subjects i registered for in my first year in Medicine. Lecturers from Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Faculty of Education taught us throughout year one in medical school.

Subjects in Medicine 1st Year in Nigeria
First year medical students during their practical sessions

Subjects in Medicine 1st Year in Nigeria

These were my 100 level Medicine courses while in school and has remained unchanged when last i checked. I decided to divide them according to the semester they were offered.

First Semester 100 level subjects for Medicine

  1. Introductory Zoology
  2. General Chemistry
  3. Organic Chemistry
  4. Use of English
  5. Philosophy and Logic (GST)
  6. Introduction to Plant Biology (Botany)
  7. Practical Physics
  8. Mechanical, Thermal Physics and Properties of Matter (Physics 111)
  9. Vibrations, Waves and Optics (Physics 113)

Second Semester 100 level subjects for Medicine

  1. Functional Zoology
  2. General Chemistry (2)
  3. Organic Chemistry (2)
  4. Use of English (2)
  5. Introduction to Plant Biology (Botany 2)
  6. Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
  7. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.


1. The first year courses will be coded for example Physics 111, and these codes varies from university to university.

2. Some medical schools may offer Mathematics in their first year but such universities are very few.

3. You must pass ALL these Medicine100 level courses in at most two sittings before you will be allowed to progress to the next level (200 level) in most schools.

However, for Uniben, you must pass all 100 level subjects at one sitting before going to 200 level. No carryover, you are out of medical school if you fail any course. Uniben as at May 2023 now says you cannot have more than two carryovers in 100l to progress. DONT FALL BY THE WAYSIDE…

Dont be scared…………You can do it. Just read harder.

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