COVID-19 Lagos Lockdown: Nigerian Food Items you need to quickly buy.

You are aware that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria , President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered immediate lock down of Lagos, Ogun and Abuja so as to curb the spread of the rampaging coronavirus in the country.

COVID-19 Lagos Lockdown: Nigerian Food items you need to quickly buy
COVID-19 Lagos Lockdown: Nigerian Food items you need to quickly buy

Now is the time to stock up food items. 👇

Things you need to get today:







Dried meat



Milo or Bournvita






Amala flour

Bags of pure water


Fruits such as Oranges, unripe bananas, apples, carrots.


Cook food in bowls and stock up

Fry your fish and meat and dry the ones you aren’t using again.

Cook mostly soups with vegetable.

You can dry your chopped leaves and still use them.

When you can, blend tomatoes and pepper with with enough onions, boil for a bit, drain and put in the freezer.

Buy dried fish and smoked fish.

You can dry them daily to avoid them getting spoilt.

For those who don’t eat eba get Semo 5kg and keep down.

Get blended Ogbono and Egusi.

Buy your Okro too, chop them down and dry daily it won’t get spoilt.

Get enough ginger and garlic it will come in handy.

Get lemon and green tea too very necessary.

Get Disinfectants and Sanitizers.

If you don’t have enough please do the one your power can carry.

How do i dry chopped ugu?

Place them in a tray and place in the sun daily for at least 4 days till leaves becomes dry and crisp. Almost like dried bitter leaf.

Please don’t forget to buy fuel (very important)

The fight against coronavirus is a joint task and we all need to play our part.

Wash your hands

Your hands should not touch your face

Social Distancing

No parties

No large gatherings

Stay at home

Eat fruits to boost your immune system

Don’t share fake news

Report to the appropriate authorities if you notice any symptom or you have a case to report. See numbers for different states to callhere.

Follow the Nigerian Health Blog to get daily updates on the different states preparedness for coronavirus. Let us defeat coronavirus together.


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