UCH CMD, Professor Jesse Otegbayo, tests positive for coronavirus.

The Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Professor Jesse Otegbayo, have announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19 but not showing and on self -isolation.

UCH CMD, Professor Jesse Otegbayo, tests positive for coronavirus
UCH CMD, Professor Jesse Otegbayo, tests positive for coronavirus

Professor Jesse appealed to members of staff of the UCH who has had contact with him in the course of their duty to also self-isolate until they get tested.

He disclosed this in a series of tweets on his verified Twitter handle:

On Monday 23rd March, we commenced a 12man quarterly board meeting which was meant to last 5 days in the hospital, we observed social distancing and other precautionary measures for covid-19 as much as possible.

However, on Wednesday morning, one of us presented with what appeared to be symptoms of covid-19, his samples were immediately taken for test and the meeting called off.

All staff who have been in contact with me and other participants during this period have been advised to immediately proceed on self-isolation pending the time they get tested.

Covid-19 is spreading faster than we think and I enjoin everyone to take precautions. If one person has it, then a gathering of two becomes dangerous. Stay at home, avoid unnecessary outing and stay safe.

The fight against coronavirus is a joint task and we all need to play our part.

Wash your hands

Your hands should not touch your face

Social Distancing

No parties

No large gatherings

Stay at home

Eat fruits to boost your immune system

Don’t share fake news

Report to the appropriate authorities if you notice any symptom or you have a case to report. See numbers for different states to callhere.

Follow the Nigerian Health Blog to get daily updates on the different states preparedness for coronavirus. Let us defeat coronavirus together.


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