I tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, but now I am recovering – UK based Nigerian Doctor

A practicing Nigerian doctor based in the UK simply known as Vashti on Twitter yesterday shared her experience with coronavirus.

She said she was one of the first doctors to contract coronavirus in her line of duty but she self isolated, followed the instructions of the health authorities and now she is fast recovering and getting ready to resume work.

She also admonished people to stop seeing coronavirus as a death sentence as even people with pre-existing medical conditions like asthma, hypertension, diabetes, cancer are surviving it too.

In her words Twitter:

“I’m one of the first doctors to test positive for corona virus at work and I self isolated, managed my symptoms properly and now waiting to be cleared for work. Stop telling people they are going to die. A lot of people with comorbidities are surviving as well.”

I tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, but now I am recovering
I tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, but now I am recovering – UK based Nigerian Doctor

This was all I had. Nobody brought any ‘special medications for me’ I have not seen anyone taking any special medications after testing positive for covid-19. Just putting this out because people have been asking me about medications.

To be honest, I didn’t feel relieved after taking the cough syrup. My cough went from dry to productive and it was associated with chest pains while coughing. Sometimes, it would feel like you can taste blood after coughing. The vitamin C is effervescent and kinda sweet so.

The paracetamol helped with the fever and body aches but that was just about it. My nose was flowing and I had to blow my nose a lot of times to be able to get enough air. I didn’t want to create a false impression for myself that I was in respiratory distress.

I couldn’t taste or perceive anything for a day and by the next day, it started resolving gradually. So fever, aches, bad cough which started off dry and became productive (yellowish sputum) and associates chest pains from coughing and loss of taste and perception.

I felt like sh**. I made sure I was eating well,fruits and all. I had naija beans and I had eggs so I made sure I wasn’t just eating junk. I didn’t miss any meals. I slept as much as I could and tried to rest my brain.

The people in the hospital are not getting any special medications. Nobody is hiding any treatment from you. They can get salbutamol nebules to help clear their airways. Saline nebules as well. They are on iv fluids and those in respiratory failure, get regular arterial blood gases.

People are so used to getting treatment for every little itch in Nigeria, so they assume there is a medication somewhere for covid-19 that people are getting. Nobody is getting anything like that.

You don’t get admitted in the Uk until you have severe respiratory symptoms and would need help with your breathing. People are told to stay home and isolate and manage their symptoms.

I got tested because I had just finished calls few days prior to my symptoms starting and I work in a hyper acute unit. I had interactions with other doctors and health staff and it was essential to contact trace.

Nobody needs covid-19 clout. It’s not a death sentence but it’s also very unpredictable and people are dying from it. That is why social distancing is important. You can get through it but what about your neighbors? Are they safe?

This her COVID-19 recovery story has brought renewed hope to Nigerians who have been misinformed that coronavirus was a death sentence and people hardly survive it.


Meanwhile, we all have a role to play in this coronavirus pandemic that has wage war against humanity.

Stay at home

Practice social distancing

No shaking of hands

Eat well

Eat plenty fruits

PS: Decision not to use her image was deliberate.


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