Some fast facts about the COVID19.

1. There is no vaccine yet

2. Gargling salt water will NOT prevent infection with the 2019 Coronavirus

3. It was NOT created in the lab (no evidence that it was)

4. Black people are not immune as you can see.

5. Chloroquine has not been approved as a cure.

6. A person does not need to show symptoms before spreading the disease

7. Getting goods from China will not give you the virus.

fast facts about the COVID19
Fun facts about the COVID19

8. The hot weather does not protect against the 2019 Coronavirus

9. Washing your hands can prevent you from getting it.

10. Eating garlic has not been shown to prevent infection

11. Smoking cigarettes can reduce your immune system and weaken your ability to fight the disease

12. Some common symptoms are . A dry cough . Fever . Weakness. Symptoms show within 2 to 14 days

13. About 80% of people will recover without needing special treatment

14. People who are sick already, old or have other conditions are more at risk

15. Isolating yourself from other people has been shown to reduce the spread of this new virus

16. Your eyes, nose and mouth are entrances, touching them with your hands can get you infected.

17. Holding your breath for 10 seconds is not a reliable test for the 2019 Coronavirus

18. Standard face masks has not been shown to protect people from getting the virus, if you’re sick or coughing, you should wear one to protect others.

19. Coronavirus has not be proven to be a biological weapon.

20. No proof that coronavirus pandemic is aimed at reducing the world population.

21. Coronavirus is not just a flu, it is more severe than that.

22. The black skin does confer resistance/protection against coronavirus.

23. COVID-19 is not a disease of the elite, it also infects the poor.

24. It has no gender preferences, males and females are equally at risk.

25. Herbal concoctions do not cure coronavirus.

26. Dogs can also contract coronavirus. Second case has been reported in Hong Kong.

27. New born babies can contract COVID-19.

This article on fun facts about COVID19 is aimed at dispelling myths, fake news and conspiracy theories concerning the disease.

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