The sad state of Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu (pictures) – Eyewitness Report

A long thread but please patiently read and retweet. Maybe a help may come from your side. I got an invitation from @ogene_ogbodo of @InitiativeTown to join him in the follow up visit for the state of this health facility. Our visit was..

Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital ENUGU
Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu (pictures)

Federal neuropsychiatry hospital Enugu

Welcomed with good sight like the trees that lined up the place, the face lift of some of the buildings, and the hand washing facility at the entrance of the wards.

Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu Entrance to the hospital was cool,  but don’t be deceived. .

However, beyond this make-up is a world of the greatest mess I have ever seen. From toilet facility, to sewage system, to water storage, open defecation, falling walls, erosion track etc. We first visited the Chief Medical Director – Dr. Monday Igwe, a fine gentleman, passionate to see this place work. The great relationship BTW him and his staff and patients was instantly noticed.

Federal Neuropsychiatry hospital in South Eastern Nigeria , Enugu

First picture: CMD,  Dr Monday Igwe, 2nd picture: Me and my team,  3rd picture: CMD’s office

He explained his ordeal since he took over a year ago. He has been able to manage the waste mess in this area, finding a solution with ESWAMA. He also told us of how he is managing the electricity challenge, he has tackled the water challenge to a manageable stage, employing local and smart moves.


The greatest challenges are in the wards. The toilets in every single ward is in a dangerous stage.

Picture 1: dirty and broken bathroom,  Pic 2-4: Broken toilets

Most of the roofs are collapsing and stinking in unto the patients.

The septic tanks are all sunk inside. I am not sure where the sewage goes and how it does that.

Staff at the laundry wash items manually with bare hands. Only God know how much of germs these people are exposed to.

Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu

An erosion site within the premises is a big challenge for the hospital and have made the wall behind the student classrooms to collapse (although rebuilt by the landlord next plot).

Open defecation as a result of the bad toilet is a huge thing within the premises. Both patients and their assist take part in this. I really empathize with them all.

Viewers discretion: open defecation

Some of these open defecation happens right under the windows of staff offices (probably done at night). An office structure was poorly done on top of a septic tank.

Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu

This two water reservoirs have never been used after the construction. This hospital is in serious need of a borehole, please.

Pictures: Fine but not working water reservoir

There were damaged equipments here and there. And a huge uncompleted building wasting away. This building have been like this since my secondary school days.

Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu

Waste management is still a big thing as hazardous hospital wastes are not separated from other wastes. The condition of the patients and their assistants inside the wards are just horrible. No face pics as a sign of respect for them.

Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu

Picture 1: Littered surroundings, Pic 2: wards are not conducive for patients

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The CMD reeled out figures allocated to them yearly and what they actually receive. It is no where close to anything. He also mentioned that they generate very less revenue which only electricity can suck away in 2 weeks. The man looks so helpless.


THIS IS THE ONLY PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL IN THE SOUTH EAST, with other regions having at least 2. Please, please help us call on the attention of whoever can assist a toilet, sink bore hole, donate roofing sheets, study desks, hospital bed waste bags, volunteer time to go educate the staff about sanitation and waste management, donate hazardous material waste bins, dig a septic tank. What ever you can please do.

This people and their patients are in an disaster and this is an emergency call and a public health issue. Imagine coming in with a mental illness and you leave with a bag load of diseases.


The CMD walked us round for about 1 hour before rushing out for a meeting at UNTH. Such a passionate man. I really hope he gets the assistance he deserves.
Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu
Pic 1: CMD receiving a call and dashing out for a meeting, PIC 2: photo-op with the CMD and some staff
The end
EYEWITNESS: Nna-nyelugo


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