Eating Beans will NOT make a child tall.

Beans will NOT make a child tall.

Beans will NOT make you grow tall.

Genes is the main determinant of a person’s height. NOT Beans.

If you are not tall as a parent, Your children will NOT be tall.

Except you marry a tall partner.

Eating beans will NOT make a child tall
Dr Olufunmilayo says eating beans will NOT make a child tall

A simple way to judge how tall a child would be later in life is:

1. Add together the height of the mother and father in inches.

2. Divide your answer by 2. 3.

Then add 2.5 inches.

That’s a rough idea of how tall they will ever be.

Height is genetically dependent on parents.

Obviously, that calculation is an approximate prediction and it is not possible to predict height accurately in every case – But that’s a sensible approach to predict height.

So if parents are tall, it is reasonable to expect the children to be tall. Just as if parents are short.

Most girls would reach their final adult height by age 14 or 15.

Most boys would reach their final adult height by age 16-18.

Afterwards, what happens is Just deposition of fats, addition of weight, becoming more rounder, getting more broader – but not necessarily growing taller.

Obviously there can be exceptions to this- in a few people who keep growing tall into their early 20s- but those are exceptions. Not the norm. And that is NOT based on beans or no beans. Sometimes I find it hard to understand why we all believed this beans scam for many years.

Of course, beans is a good source of protein. Just as eggs, milk and meat. Give your children beans. Give your children meat.

Give your children eggs.

Give your children milk.

Give them protein because it helps their mental and physical development – so they won’t be stunted.

But if you are giving them beans cos you are hoping for magical height wonders- you will be disappointed.

The same thing with you.

If you are eating beans thinking it will give you magical height, you are wasting your time.

If you don’t have the genes, you won’t get the height.

You too think about it: If height was essentially/exclusively related to beans- only children of the rich or the upper middle class will be tall.

Eating Beans will NOT make a child tall
Eating Beans will NOT make a child tall

Because beans is not particularly cheap. But go and check it. Many Poor kids are tall. Even those whose parents can’t afford beans.

“Parents tell kids beans will make them tall to make them eat beans” There’s no need to lie to kids.

It’s a lazy way of parenting.

Parents should make food look colourful and interesting for a child to try it.

No need to use lies and myths they will later find out was a scam.

Anyway, don’t kill people inside public transport with fart because you must grow tall by force. Beans is a good protein source. Eat it because you love it and because it nourishes you.

And not because you are hoping beans will turn you from Aki/Pawpaw to Anthony Joshua.

“But what of those with short parents that end up being tall”

A few things to note.

1. These are usually the exceptions, never the norm.

2. It has nothing to do with beans.

So what causes then?

Again, Genes causes it.

In those such people, there’s a weird interplay of genes.

There’s a weird interplay of genes in such a way that both parents have the tall genes but they didn’t express it. But they passed it on to their child who now expresses the gene and is tall. It may be a bit confusing.

But if you take your time to read it again, you will get it.

And sometimes when you look through such a family- especially look at grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts and nieces etc, you would find a good number of tall people.

That means the tall genes are present in the family. So even if the parents ain’t tall, the child may just be.

But again, these are mostly exceptional findings. It is largely unusual and surely not the average finding or the norm.

But at the end of the day, whatever weird story or person you know- dig deeper and you will find it always has to do with genetics mainly – and NEVER beans.

Again, I’m NOT saying don’t eat beans or don’t give your children beans.

Many of you don’t know how to comprehend what you read.

What I’m saying is IF you expect some miracle/magic with beans in terms of height- you are setting yourself (or your child) up for big disappointment.

Another thing I observed is this: Public secondary schools in Nigeria especially those with hostels are notorious for feeding students beans everyday.

And you know the funny part?

Despite all that beans, those who will be short remain short. You know yourselves.

Think about it.

One could argue the beans in those schools was mostly watery and horrible- but the catch is that the SAME beans was given to thousands of children almost everyday for years in school and those children had DIFFERENT heights by the time they get to SS3.

It is GENES.

Not beans.

Thank you

Dr Olufunmilayo

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