Coronavirus: Infected Italian Never Attempted to Escape – Lagos State Government

Lagos State Government has debunked news making the round that the index case of Corona Virus Disease isolated at the Lagos Mainland Hospital tried to escape.

State Commissioner for Health, @profakinabayomi who debunked the news while giving an update on the index case at the Mainland Hospital today said the patient has never expressed any desire to leave the facility to the doctors and nurses who looks after him.

“I have spoken to him myself, he is doing very well, he is comfortable; he was comfortable yesterday and he is comfortable today”, @profakinabayomi stated.

Infected Italian Never Attempted to Escape
Prof Abayomi says the infected Italian Never Attempted to Escape

He noted that the patient was initially kept in a single isolation room for his privacy when he was brought in because part of the facilities at the Mainland Hospital were being renovated. He added that the patient has subsequently been moved to one of the newly renovated wards.

Said he, “We were renovating part of the facility, so we kept him in a single isolation room for his privacy but we have subsequently moved him to one of our completed wards recently renovated with full complements of facilities, so he is right there now and he is comfortable”

“As of this morning, his condition has improved, he hasn’t developed new symptoms but he still got a mild fever and we will be running test to see what the situation is with the virus in his body”

“And as soon as we get a negative strain, we will keep him for another three days & repeat the test to make sure that there are no more virus particles in his saliva & that means that he will not be contagious. Then, we give the OK for him to be released back into the community”

Audio-visual report by @_princessmeenah of @ltvsocial

Source: Lagos State Ministry of Health


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