Wipe or Wash after Pooping? Is water more hygienic than toilet paper?

NEVER use a toilet-roll after you stool.

NEVER use a toilet-roll after you poop.

Can tear your anus,

Waste of time/money,

Leaves your anus dirty and smelly,

can give you urine infection,

Stains your pant/boxers with stool.

Toilet rolls are bad for your anus.

The real problem with a toilet roll is that it actually does NOT clean your anus properly.

What a toilet roll does is to take off the top faeces and smear the rest of the poop across your anus (and anus hair if you have some).

This left over excreta can cause you medical problems.

Is water more hygienic than toilet paper
Is water more hygienic than toilet paper?

So what’s the BEST way to clean your anus after you defaecation? Use soap and water!

Washing your anus with soap and water after you poop remains the MOST EFFECTIVE way of cleaning.

If no soap (or time), the next best way is to use water only.

If no soap and water, Use wet wipes.

If you use toilet at work, or you may use a public toilet where getting soap and water may not be available, may waste time or the water may be too dirty, use wet wipes.

Wet wipes are your best bet in that situation. Always carry wet wipes in your bag or car.

That’s the advice.

So why is toilet paper very bad for you?

1. Toilet roll if you use it too hard because you want to “clean well”, can cause tears in your anus (medically called anal fissures).

This can cause you very serious pain when next you poo and open up your anus area up for infection.

2. Toilet roll if you use it softly because you don’t want to hurt your anus, will leave leftover stool in your anus area which would make you have a smelly dirty itchy butt that stains your underwear. This is why many of you are always itching your bumbum- but you don’t know.

3. For women if you use toilet roll and you wipe from back to front- you are at risk of introducing bacteria inside the poop into your vagina area and this can cause urinary tract infections. This is why after a while you notice you start to have lower tummy pain and pain when you pee.

4. So in conclusion, toilet rolls are a waste of time, waste of money and a health hazard for you if you use them after you shit. They will cause you harm and they actually do a very poor job of cleaning your anus. NEVER use toilet rolls after you shit. They are bad for you.

There’s NOTHING posh about toilet rolls.

There’s NOTHING classy about toilet rolls.

I’m emphasising this for those who have been blackmailed into thinking washing your anus with water after you pass stool is “ghetto” or not classy.

Using a toilet roll after you poop is the real ghetto.

Please after you poop : Wash your anus with soap and water, if you can and if you have the means.

Or Wash with water alone Or use wet wipes- if in a hurry and there’s no soap or water.

Please NEVER use toilet rolls after you poop.

You are harming yourself and wasting your money.

The end.

Dr Olufunmilayo


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