Coronavirus: “Bring us home” Nigerians trapped in Wuhan (China) begs Federal Government (Photos).

The Coronavirus cases have risen to over 17000 infections in total with 21,588 in mainland China. It should be noted too that over 361 persons have died in China

Over 60 Nigerians are trapped in Wuhan the epicentre of the of the out break and they are begging the Nigerian government to bring them back home to their families. This is following the seemingly inability to China and the world to contain the deadly virus now called COVID-19. According to the Spectator Index, coronavirus has killed 1765 persons since it first outbreak in January at Wuhan, a province of over 40 million people in China.

Nigerians in Wuhan, China needs help from the federal government as they carry their placards bearing ….”Bring Us Home”, “Nigerians Trapped In Wuhan China”.

Here are some photos:

Coronavirus: "Bring us home" Nigerians trapped in Wuhan (China) begs Federal Government (Photos)

As part of the preparation for the deadly virus, the Federal government have set up diagnostic and treatment centres in Abuja, Lagos and Edo. The Health Minister, Dr Osagie Ehanire also confirmed that Nigeria now have reagents for testing for coronavirus.


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