Four cases of Lassa Fever confirmed in Adamawa

Adamawa State government on Monday confirmed four suspected cases of Lassa Fever in the state.

Bwalki Dilli, the state director for public health confirmed the development to newsmen in Yola.

Mr Dilli however, said the four cases are still under diagnosis.

“The patients were admitted at the state treatment centre located at Federal Medical Centre, Yola. Their samples have been taken and referred to the laboratory in Abuja, for diagnosis.
Lassa fever confirmed in Adamawa
Lassa fever confirmed in Adamawa

When the final result is out we would inform the general public about the situation,” Mr Dilli said.

He said the state government has taken preventive measures against the disease.

Lassa fever is presently in 13 states including Borno, Bauchi, Ondo, Lagos , Edo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Plateau, Delta, Kogi, Taraba, Kano and Enugu. It has claimed 13 lives and infected more than 180 persons. In response to this recent epidemic, the Nigerian government has before now set up Lassa fever centres across the six geopolitical regions were patient with the suspected Lassa fever are tested, , isolated and treated until recovery.

It is better prevented than treated. Keep your foodstuffs in airtight containers, always wash your hands and eradicate all rats from you households.

Lassa fever can also be contracted from old newspapers used in wrapping soya and other food items.



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