A Nigerian lady has narrated on Twitter how her husband requested for a DNA paternity test while she was in labour in the hospital ..




“I want a DNA paternity test done!!!” chi screamed at the hospital, I just pushed out a 3.5kg baby out of my tiny vjay, lost so much blood in the process, too weak to argue but I still managed to sit up and try to make sense of the whole situation.

Paternity test
Paternity test

“DNA test?,why would u want to do that?”I asked my husband,shocked nd confused.His father walked into the hospital ward looking worried, I looked and said “daddy, what is going on? What is wrong with chi? What have I done wrong!”, he walked up to me held my hands saying nothing. The doctors brought a consent form, my husband took it and as he was about to sign I said “chi, I’m not against you wanting a DNA, but don’t you think we need to talk about this?

DNA test


Don’t you think you need to tell me your reasons?” He looked at me and picked a pen but before he could sign I made a last statement “are you sure you wanna do this?”, he said nothing and then signed the form. That very moment, something died!!!

DNA test
How request for paternity can bring distrust

I laid in my bed thinking about everything, I’ve never cheated on him, never even thought about it, so why would he go ahead with a DNA test? I’ve stopped crying, it wasn’t going to solve anything, I just wanted answers, that’s all.

I called chi, crying and asking why the sudden mistrust? “I thought you trusted me? How could you even harbor the thought that I could do something of this magnitude?” “I’ve never cheated on you, never has it crossed my mind, so where is all this coming from?”

“Since you have nothing to hide, then don’t be scared” he said. “God, what exactly” is going on I sobbed.

So the result arrived, chi was behaving like a beast, as though he was almost certain the child ain’t his, his father opened the envelope, looked at me, I froze cos I didn’t know what to make of his look. He handed the envelope to chi, who was already raking and cursing under his breath “heaven will fall today” he said, even before looking at the result. DNA came out positive, 99.99% compatibility. I was vindicated, I gave a sigh of relief, and thanked God, not like I was expecting anything less though, my fidelity was 100%, I never cheated on him.

He looked at me and forced a smile, all I could feel was emptiness, betrayal, and anger. I couldn’t cry, even though I wanted to scream and break something, I was too weak to show that kinda emotions. I just sat there quiet, knowing fully well things will never be the same again.

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I later learnt from his friends that another of their friend told him he wasn’t the father of my baby, he provided no evidence, all he did was just tell chi, and he reacted. He didn’t even try to talk to me, he just believed everything at a go.

So I ask myself why he wouldn’t trust me? I hid nothing from him, never cheated, was all a good wife should be… But guess that wasn’t enough…

I made a few calls, picked my baby and a few things and left the house while he was away at work. Since we got back from the hospital he’s been trying to talk but guess I wasn’t interested in talking. It was too late to make amends…

A little too late 😨😨😨

I looked at my phone screen, and it was ringing for 50th time… He’s probably gotten and found out we’ve left. I turned it off, tears rolling down my eyes as I try to breastfeed my crying baby on our way to nowhere….

Nigeria has the second highest paternity fraud in the world behind Jamaica and there have been calls by some section of social media to make paternity test compulsory in marriages,  others have however kicked against because it brings distrust and can lead to divorce. The debate rages on.





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