My pregnant friend died during childbirth following pastor’s advice to husband not to sign papers for C-section – Lady Mourns.

A pained lady named Blessing Dera Oge have narrated on Facebook how her late close pregnant friend died in the hospital due to pastor’s advice to her husband not to give consent for C-section to be performed on his wife in order to deliver. This is a lesson to every woman out there…

“Am so pained and have decided to pen down my pains so that my fellow ladies and husbands will also learn.
Yesterday evening i lost a friend turned sisters to a cold hands of death, she died during child birth, but i blame her, the husband and church pastor 4 her death and that of the baby.

How my pregnant friend died during childbirth
How my pregnant friend died during childbirth

Guess you will be wondering HOW and WHY? Now Angela(Her name) was pregnant of her second baby in 3yrs of marriage, everything was going normal from d 1st trimester to her 3rd trimester, she attended her antenatal regularly with no issues.
Just on Monday evening/night labour started, she called me and told me that she was on her way ro the hospital and i wished her well, she had a prolonged labour till the next day being Tuesday, she still couldn’t give birth, scan was ran and it was found out that d baby is breech and can’t b given birth through vagina delivery, so Cs was the only option.
The doctor told the husband to come and sign the papers so that the surgery will take place in other to save mother and child, the man decided to go and discuss it with Angela, his reason being that there 1st baby was through vaginal delivery, so why will his wife give birth now to this baby through CS. After his yeye discussion with his wife, they decided to call their pastor

N/B:Am not a pagan nor am I against them inviting the pastor to pray for them, but the fact that the pastor came and after praying, he told the husband that he shouldn’t sign the papers, that his God is a God of Safe delivery and not of Cs with the blablabla stories about Hebrew women.
Now throughout Tuesday, Angela couldn’t deliver and she became too weak that the doctor gave the husband an ultimatum, that is either they go 4 d Cs in other to save their lives or he carry her out from the hospital.

C-section refusal killed my pregnant friend during childbirth
C-section refusal killed my pregnant friend during childbirth

The husband was now left with no other choice than to agree 4 the Cs by then his wife is already unconscious, after the Cs, it was found out that the baby has already pooped inside the stomach and died, so the doctors were trying everything possible to save Angela’s life but Angela gave up the ghost yesterday cry 😭 😭 😭, leaving Nancy, her 1st child alone in this world to be taken care by who?? 😭 😭
Now the husband didn’t only lose the chid, he also lost his wife and finally it was through that Cs which he could have approved earlier on to save both.

Pls Ladies, CS is not a sin.
Vaginal delivery, Caesarian section delivery are all Hebrew women delivery, lets us remove that myopic mentality that Cs makes you less of a women
#AmPained 😭😭😭
Let’s help ourselves”.

Source: Blessing Dera Oge shared on Facebook

PS: Featured image representative of the sad lady and not her real picture .


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