This is called VAGINA ATRESIA. A situation where the vagina has no opening.

Vagina has no opening
A twitter user cries out over lack of opening between his girlfriend’s legs

It’s a medical term that describes the vagina being absent or abnormally closed completely.

About 1 in 5000 women have this.

They can’t have periods.

They can’t have sex.

They can’t have babies.

This is quite serious.

“So how will she urinate?”

This is what a normal vagina looks like.

A normal vagina is NOT completely closed- even in virgins with a hymen.

Women pee through the part labelled B (the urethra), women have periods, have sex and have babies through the part labelled D (the vagina).

The vagina anatomy

So she will be able to urinate That’s NOT going to be a problem. Women do NOT urinate through the vagina – they urinate through the urethra.

So, that a woman does not have a vagina opening does not mean she will be unable to urinate. I hope that explanation answers it.

However, it’s good to state the biggest problem as I stated earlier on is the fact that women without a vagina cannot have periods, cannot have sex and cannot have babies. This is potentially a very serious matter especially if it’s a woman interested in any of the above things.

So what can cause Vagina Atresia?

Sometimes it happens because the woman’s hymen is completely closed. Now a normal hymen is NEVER totally closed. That’s abnormal.

A hymen always has a hole. Otherwise if there no hole at all, how would a young girl have a monthly period flow?

This is what a normal hymen looks like. There can be different types of what is normal, but notice that ALL normal hymen have a hole/holes.

Sex only WIDENS the hole in a hymen.

It does NOT create the first hole. People with “imperforate hymen” have no hole and that’s a problem.

Vagina atresia
Different hymen types

Another thing to state is a woman with no vagina opening usually has other medical problems- as vagina atresia tends to be part of a complex set of medical syndromes. So bottom line?

Take the lady to a doctor. Preferably a gynaecologist. They will assess her. And treat her.

She may need surgery to open up the vagina. She may also be taught how to gradually do it herself. There are many approaches to sorting it out- but NEVER stay at home drinking herbs, ignoring it or just wishing it will miraculously disappear.

Dr Olufunmilayo


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