Sex lubricants: Types, How, Where and their prices in Nigeria.

This article will answer the following questions:

1.Best water based lubricants in nigeria

2. Names of water based lubricants in Nigeria

3. Cost of KY jelly in Nigeria

4. Side effects of sex lubes

5. How to apply sex lubes

Lubes (lubricants) can be a great addition to sex. Lubes increases pleasure for both partners and decreases the risk of condom breakage. Condoms protect you from HIV and STI. Ensure your condom does not break with the use of proper water based lubes.

When getting lubricants be sure of the type you are getting.

There are three types of lubricants:


Pros-Main ingredient is water,safe to use on silicone toys,free from collie and smell

Cons- Easily dries out during sex


Pros-used with condoms

Helpful for people with sensitive skin,last longer than water based lubricants

Cons-Not to be used with silicone toys,might reduce sensitivity due to the thick consistent texture


Pros-great for anal sex because it lasts way longer,soothes the skin.

Cons – not to be used with latex condoms,scent causes irritation later on, difficult to clean up.

Oil based lubes are not sex toy safe, it destroys silicone, it weakens condom thereby causing a breakage. Water based lubes are safe and healthy, they are sex toys safe and recommended for condoms And there’s silicone based lubes quick have a silky texture recommend for anal

*Hybrid sex lubes are lubes made from water and a little silicone

Different types of sex lubricants in Nigeria

1. KY Jelly

2. fiesta intim gel lubricant

3. Durex oil lubricant

4. Water-based

-Necessaire Sex Gel

-Isabel Faye lubricant

-Lulu lubricant

-KY jelly (Price of KY jelly in Nigeria is #1,200)

5. Oil-based

-coconut & almond oil

-almond & fresh aloe gel

-olive oil

Fiesta intim Gel and KY jelly are the most popular sex lubricants in Nigeria

Fiesta Intimate Gel

  • Top quality, premium lubricant gel with exciting variants that are perfect for all customers irrespective of age or gender
  • Water-based and therefore safe to use with Fiesta or Kiss condoms or any other condom.
  • Good for sensitive skin, non-irritating and does not stain clothes or bed sheets
  • The new Fiesta Intim gels come in three exciting variants, Natural, Warm and Cool Intim Gels.
  • Comes in 70ml tubes
  • Fiesta intim gel cost in Nigeria is between #2,700 – #3000
Sex lubricant
Fiesta intim gel
Credit: Honey and Banana

How to apply sex lubricants

There is no hard and fast rule about it. Just apply during foreplay as it aids arousal and before penetration. Ensure you apply liberally and during thrusting, if you feel the lube is wearing out, reapply and continue..

Side effects

Not common. It commonest side effect that has been reported for sex lubes is allergic reactions which manifests as itching, hives, and rash.

Where to get sex lubricants?

Check big pharmacies, supermarkets and online supermarkets like Jumia, Konga. E. t.c.

Caveat: Saliva is NOT is sex lubes, do not use it. You can get infecreduce from using saliva as sex lubricant. Be warned.

Sex lubes
KY jelly



Honey and Banana



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