With just N1000 Naira, you can get the life saving tetanus vaccine – Dr Olufunmilayo

I hear doctors are seeing more cases of Tetanus infection in Lagos.

IF you get tetanus, It costs about 500,000naira to treat. And despite all this money, TETANUS KILLS MOST PEOPLE.

BUT with a 1000 naira vaccine, You can save your life. This is very urgent.

Tetanus is a VERY DANGEROUS infection to have anywhere in the world- not to talk of Nigeria. It is caused by a bacteria that is normally present in the soil, dust and animal feces. This bacteria enters open wounds in a human being and goes ahead to destroy the person’s nerves.

Because the nerves are attacked by the bacteria, the person develops very painful spasms all over the body which causes difficulty to talk, inability to eat, problem with breathing, high blood pressure, heart attack, spine fractures and ultimately death from all or any of these.

I have it on authoritative grounds that people with tetanus infection need up to 500,000 naira to treat it properly. Most patients end up in Intensive Care Unit ICU because tetanus causes breathing problems that needs doctors to put a tube in their throat to help them breathe.

Tetanus vaccine
A man with tetanus

And remember this is not considering ICU fees. If we add ICU fees to the costs of treating Tetanus, the money you will spend runs into millions of naira. And as I said earlier, EVEN IF you have the millions to spend, Once you have tetanus infection, You are likely going to die.

But there’s GOOD NEWS: You can save your life with 100naira. Pls get the Tetanus Vaccine (also called Tetanus Toxoid), and complete all the doses, you are almost guaranteed of being safe from Tetanus. That’s literally ALL it costs. 100naira will save your life. I’m not joking.

Where to get Tetanus vaccine from? Go to any hospital or health centre around you. Ask for Tetanus Toxoid vaccine. Most places will give it to you FREE. But even if some ask for money, it will usually be 100naira or so. This is NO jokes. Tetanus KILLS. And it kills ruthlessly.

How many doses of Tetanus Toxoid vaccine do you need?

A minimum of 5 doses.

1st dose: Right now

2nd dose: 4weeks after

3rd dose: 6months after the 2nd

4th dose: 1year after the 3rd

5th dose: 1year after the 4th.

This is the MINIMUM that guarantees you are safe from Tetanus.

And after the 5minimum doses, You can also get a booster dose every 10years afterwards. That helps to boost your immunity against Tetanus infection.

And this is the same advice for anyone with tetanus-prone wound:

Any dirty wound,

Any open wound with soil in it,

Any farm injury.

Please note: Most people who get Tetanus never ent for the vaccine despite medical advice.

Or they never got the required minimum five doses. IF you do not get the whole five complete doses, you are simply gambling with your life.

Tetanus is NOT child’splay. You can ask around.

Tetanus is present everywhere around us- in the soil, in dust, in animal feces, on farm instruments like cutlasses and hoes – ALL it takes to get Tetanus Infection is for the bacteria to get into your open wound from an infected soil. It’s literally that simple. This is serious.

The tetanus bacteria can get into your body through:

cuts and scrapes,

tears/splits in the skin,

burns, animal bites like a dog or cat,

body piercings, tattoos and injections;

Or open eye injuries.

So in other words, you can only be safe from it- simply by getting the vaccine.

When to go to a doctor?

1. NOW. Go now.

Get vaccinated if you never have or you are not sure. And if you have, go and complete the 5doses. Again, IT IS FREE in most places.

And even those who ask for money only collect about 100naira per dose. 100naira may save your life.

2. If you have a wound and:

*it’s a deep wound;

*there’s dirt, dust, soil or something inside the wound;

*you haven’t been fully vaccinated, or you’re not sure if you have;

In ALL the above cases,

Go to a hospital and make sure you get a Tetanus Toxoid vaccine. It is crucial.

Finally please: IF you are going to the village for the Christmas/New Year holidays – Do NOT go without getting a Tetanus Toxoid vaccine – at least one dose.

Especially if your village/hometown is where you may get farm injuries or things like that.

Don’t gamble with your life.

I hope you see the crucial importance of Tetanus Toxoid vaccine and I hope you go straightaway and get yours tomorrow.

Tetanus KILLS. And it kills in a matter of days.

It will be unwise to spend 10,000 naira on Detty December concerts and not get a 100naira life saving vaccine.

JUST TO CLARIFY: You do NOT need to have a wound or wait till you have a wound to get the 5doses of Tetanus Toxoid vaccination.

By the time you get an injury, It may be too late. Go and get the vaccination now.

At least start off the steps-

There’s 5 doses spread over 2years.

Tetanus kills pregnant women.

Tetanus kills babies.

Tetanus vaccination in Nigeria
Tetanus in Child

Tetanus kills elderly people.

Tetanus does NOT spare anyone.

Especially if the person has never had the vaccine before or did not complete all the 5doses.

Pls get your Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine NOW.

You are saving your own life..

Share to as many people as possible. Go to the nearest pharmacy or hospital to get your TT vaccine if you are injured.

Credit: Dr Olufunmilayo


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