Stealthing: Secret Removal Of Condom During Sex,
#A Wrong and Criminal Sexual Act

Stealthing is the act of a man that involves non-consensual condom removal during sex or intentionally damaging a condom during sexual intercourse, when his sex partner has only consented to condom-protected sex. Such behaviour may be regarded as sexual assault or rape and is a form of reproductive coercion.

SOMETIME IN APRIL THIS YEAR IN THE UK, a man was sentenced to jail for removing his condom in the middle of sex with a prostitute. This is what is known as STEALTHING.
As funny as this sentencing might sound, the truth remains that it’s actually a crime.
In Nigeria and in many other parts of the world, a lot of men are guilty of this. Many of you can attest to it if una go gri talk true 😂 😂.
There are countless situations where some men, while having sex with a lady who INSISTED ON A CONDOM AB INITIO, would secretly remove it for the singular reason of: “enjoying a more pleasurable sex”.

Condom stealthing
What is Condom stealthing? Is it criminal?

We know say sex sweet die, 😂 😂, but this is actually wrong.
Stealthing is a break of trust, and by so doing you expose the lady herself to not just a risk of unwanted pregnancy but also to sexually transmitted infections.
But guys no wan hear! We go just dey knack with condom, next thing you just use style remove the condom and insert the sim card into the phone 📱.
I know that many of us guys do it when banging a sweet babe but it’s still very wrong.
Make una talk true! 😂
The most annoying part be say the guy after being guilty of stealthing, will still pour everything inside the woman. He won’t even remember WITHDRAWAL METHOD.

If you ask him, if he will tell you that it’s not easy to jump out of a moving vehicle 😒😒. Who send you make you enter moving vehicle? 🚗 🚗
Just negodu 😑😑.
In saner climes, some ladies can sue and the man could be prosecuted.
If you like be forming, no talk say I no tell you.
Here is the link to the full stealthing story on Linda Ikeji Blog..

Man is jailed for rape after he removed his condom during sex with a prostitute

A man has been sentenced to 12 years in jail after he removed a condom while having sex with a prostitute.

This man was sentenced for non-consensually removing his condom during sex
Credit:Linda Ikeji

Lee Hogben, 35, was accused of raping his victim by removing a condom against her consent mid-intercourse. She told him “I don’t do that – please no” when he took off the condom but he threatened her as she tried to wriggle free.

Lee contacted the sex worker online through an adult work website where she specifically stated that clients must wear protection. They met at the Royal Bath Hotel in his hometown Bournemouth, Dorset, on January 19 last year after agreeing on a price for two hours.

However, he went against all the laid down conditions. First, he had sex with her without protection. Second, he never paid her for her services.

Prosecutor Jodie Mittell said Hogben threatened the sex worker with violence when she resisted him.

She said:

Hogben went beyond what was consented to by removing the protection, which the complainant will say was a condition of intercourse.

She repeatedly protested, ‘I don’t do that – please, no’. She tried to wriggle away but he told her to stop. He told her he had beaten people up and robbed people.

The victim eventually left the hotel, told police and Hogben was arrested the following day before being linked to the rape from DNA.

Hogden, who has a string of convictions for harassment and driving offences, was convicted of rape and two counts of assault.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison as well as an extended licence period of six years. He was also sentenced to indefinite restraining orders and a sexual harm prevention order.

As he was sentenced after a trial he threatened to shoot judge Stephen Climie, telling him, “I’m coming for you. You’ll get a shotgun in the face at night.”

Credit: Casey Amaefule


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