How to check expiry date of gas cylinder in nigeria.

One of the most underrated problems we have in Nigeria is expired Gas Cylinders. Expired Gas Cylinders are like bombs and as you continue to use them, it is like using a bomb to cook and you should expect anything.

In 2017, as reported on the Vanguard, the Federal Government of Nigeria raised an alarm that over 90 percent of our household cooking gas cylinders are expired. It explained that most gas cylinders are up to 30 years and are supposed to be withdrawn from both our homes and the markets. This was in the wake of the now constant epidemic of avoidable deaths from gas explosions.

Now how do one check for the expiry date of gas cylinders in our homes?

The instructions below will help👇

COOKING GAS: The Dangers We Live With.


Do you know that the gas cylinder you live with in the kitchen is a time bomb, ready to explode any time?

Gas cylinders has expiring date like any other product.

Manufactureres set standard at 15years.. but alot of cylinders we buy in the market are way older, as they are mostly refurbished and not properly done.

Here is how to check the expiry date on your cylinder

The Expiring date is coded on the side of the cylinder in alphabetical order. A,B,C,D in quarters.

A is for March, 1st Qtr

B is for June, 2nd Qtr C

is for Sept, 3rd Qtr

D is for Dec, 4th Qtr.

There are some two digit numbers that follows. The digit stands for the year the validity will expire.

E.g. D06. So if you have D06 on your cylinder, it means that it has expired December 2006.

And if it is A20, it is going to expire in March 2020.

Expiry date of has cylinders
What is the expiry date of the gas cylinder? B13: The cylinder expired June, 2013
Credit: jagranjosh

Because most LPG cylinders out there are fake, you may not see these inscription on them. For original cylinders (mostly from Petroleum companies-like those common ones from Total, Oando, etc), all data (including weight) are engraved on the body of the cylinder-that is, the side.

Another safety tip

Keeping your gas cylinder in your vehicle with the car windows rolled up is dangerous, especially when the car is parked under the sun, as it will result to the explosion of the cylinder. Always transport gas cylinders in an upright position.

Caveat: Before you buy a gas cylinder, ensure it is approved by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON)


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