A closer look and breakdown of Nigeria’s 2020 budget for health.

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday presented a budget of N10.729 trillion to the joint session of the National Assembly for approval for the 2020 fiscal year.

Mr. President during the declaration said that N125 billion was allocated to the National Assembly while N110 billion was allocated to the Judiciary.
For allocations to ministries, the president affirmed the following allocations to respective ministries.👇

Budget 2020 allocations for some MDAs as announced by President Buhari

Works & Housing – N262bn

Transportation – N123bn

UBEC – N112bn

Defence – N100bn

Agriculture – N83 bn

Water – N82bn

Niger Delta – N81bn

Education – N48bn

Health – N46bn

NEDC – N38bn

SIP – N30bn

FCT – N28bn

A lot has been said under this tweet, especially, the Health and Education’s budget, so I should make some clarifications here, these above sums are only the capital allocations to the mentioned MDAs, but not the total allocations, the sums don’t include recurrent budget.

As PMB mentioned earlier, investing in critical infrastructure is a key component of the fiscal strategy under #Budget2020Ng Proposals. Accordingly, an aggregate sum of N2.46 trillion (inclusive of N318.06 billion in statutory transfers) is proposed for capital projects in 2020.

2020 budget for health
Buhari in National Assembly. Gives a paltry 46 billion naira as 2020 budget for health

Although the 2020 capital budget is N721.33 billion (or 23%) lower than the 2019 budget provision of N3.18 trillion, but it is still higher than the actual and projected capital expenditure outturns for both the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years, respectively.

However, my fear is, will these aggregates collectively attend to the challenges of the education and health sector? Will they be attractive enough to attract and foster research? The education and health sectors need to have appreciable chunks.

#Budget2020 the allocation for health and education is too small and below average, i wish to have seen it gulp to #100b each. The government of @MBuhariand@ProfOsinbajo should make sure they attain the bench mark of the @UNfor this two critical sector. Very important!

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