1. Registered Nurse
This is because of two reasons.
– Those currently in the workforce will reach retirement age.
– Canada’s aging population means there will be a higher demand for healthcare practitioners; registered nurses are often the primary healthcare providers.
2. Aerospace Engineer
This is one of the highest paying jobs for immigrants, and the highest demand for them in the public sector is with the Canadian Armed Forces.
3. Driver
Drivers can range from chauffeurs for top government officials to truck drivers – and good thing is you can find work with departments like Parks Canada. Also, it’s one of those jobs that don’t require a degree, but still pay well.
4. Human Resources Officers
This is actually one of the highest paying in-demand jobs for women in Canada. Also, HR officers play a vital role of filling Canadian government jobs with the best candidates.
5. Farm Workers
Quite surprising one of the Canadian government jobs, but Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada often has job openings for farm workers. They are located at the agency’s research farms and substations throughout the country.
6. Doctor
We all know they are one of the highest paid in the world and Health Canada is especially generous to them. Also, working in the public sector comes with great benefits and pension plans and you have a more stable income than you would have in private practice.
7. Policy Analyst
They actually have one of the most important federal government jobs, since they need to evaluate legislation and see whether the government is on the right track with its policies. It involves research and gathering data, liaising with stakeholders etc.
8. Communications Officer
This is one of the entry level Canadian government jobs that could lead to bigger things. Every government agency uses communications officers to liaise with the public and the media, produce reports and write speeches. Being bilingual also helps.
9. Police Officer
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is always looking for police officers who can help keep Canadians safe. One can work in general duty policing or specialize in a field such as forensic investigation, financial crime, VIP protection or police dog services.
10. Clerk
There are many Service Canada jobs for clerks. The description varies according to the govt agency, but role include processing forms, maintaining databases, org & filing documents & answering queries. Also, it generally does not require any post-secondary education.

Canada is doing this because job creation increases and the economy improves as the number of immigrants increases. Also, they believe immigrants are, as a group, better educated

I don’t know who needs the info but like a messenger, I have delivered.

Most demanded jobs in Canada
Most demanded jobs in Canada

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*Honourable Mentions*

Top 10 highest paying Jobs in Canada (Doctors 1st and Nurses 5th)

Source: iheartradia.ca

10. Financial Analysts – (Average Salary: $58,000)

9. Hyrdopower Experts – (Average Salary: $60,000)

8. Logistic Workers / Managers – (Average Salary: $64,000)

7. Engineers – (Average Salary: $65,000)

6. Information Security Analysts – (Average Salary: $66,000)

5. Registered Nurses – (Average Salary: $66,000)

4. Miners / Oil & Gas Drillers – (Average Salary: $69,000)

3. Lawyers – (Average Salary: $76,000)

2. Dentists – (Average Salary: $104,000)

1. Physicians / Doctors – (Average Salary: $116,000)

Credit: Tunde Omotoye (Certified HR Professional)


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