Caeserean section done, baby not found – A true story about quackery.

A medical doctor Dr Ekerette Ekpo shared on his facebook page the encounter he had with a pregnant patient who was nearly killed by quack doctors.

This one time, there was a referral received from a “private clinic” (you know, if you know) which was summarised thus:

“Caesarean section done.
Baby not found.
Referred for further management.”
😂 🤣 😂 🤣
Apparently, a quack had attempted the surgery, breached the abdominal wall, didn’t find the fetus lying in there waiting to be delivered. Called in another quack who came and searched the entire of the abdominal cavity. No baby. Hence, the baby not found. By the way, the gravid uterus was there staring at them, housing the baby, totally shielding it from the fraudsters.

Caeserean section done
Caeserean section done, baby not found

Fortunately, they had correctly closed up the abdomen before referral. The CS was subsequently done and mother and baby were delivered safely. 😇
😂 🤣 😂 🤣


Reacting to the Dr Ekpo story, another doctor Chukwuemeka Nmeregini his own encounter with patients who have patronized quackery

“No one would believe you unless they were in this field. I believe you because I have seen weirder cases.

A married couple once presented to us in NAUTH on account of infertility.

They had been married for 1year (12 months). On examination we discovered the wife was still a virgin.

The registrar called the attention of a professor who also came and confirm the wife was a virgin.

Meanwhile they both claimed that had been having regular and sometimes over adequate sexual intercourse.

So where was Oga inserting his penis all these while we wondered.

But before presentation at NAUTH, they had been managed by some doctors before being referred to Nauth”

The Nigerian Health Blog earlier this year ably reported that one Ibrahim Mustapha, a fake doctor and principal medical officer of Cottage hospital, Fufore in Adamawa state, was arrested by the Department of State Services for killing patients in the cause of his fake practice.

He was l said to have performed over 500 surgical operations causing the death of about 46 patients from January to May 2019.

Please let’s be on the watch out for fake health practitioners and report them promptly.

Source: Ekerette Ekpo Facebook page


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