Vaginal steaming also known as yoni steaming or V-steaming is now a multi-million dollar business that have found its way into our national space and have made in-roads globally. It is very popular among women of reproductive age for reasons best known to them.

V-steaming is an age-old cultural practice of squatting or sitting over steaming water containing basil, wormwood, salt, mugwort, clove, aloe vera and so on in order to heal ailments of reproductive organs.

It originated from Asia (Korean, Thailand, Indonesia), Africa (Mozambique, South Africa), and Central America ( the Qʼeqchiʼ people of Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, and Belize).

According to Wikipedia, vaginal steaming is marketed with pseudoscientific notions of “balancing” female hormones and “revitalizing” the uterus or vagina. It is also marketed as “cleaning” the vag..ina, which it does not do.

Ladies, what are the benefits and risks of vaginal steaming?
These ladies are steaming

Now what are the benefits of Yoni Steaming?

I will comment on the benefits at the end after I have sampled candid opinions from ladies that practice steaming. I just want to know why they do it.

Read them below…

Lucy Nwosu

V-steaming is the practice of squatting or sitting over salted hot water. I have done it before but I stopped when I heard it detroys the vigina “good bacteria” and predisposes the it to infection. The truth is: it works and helps to keep the gindi clean especially after menstruation. It removes odour, itching and helps in tightening loose jijina. It helps to also treat toilet infection gotten from public toilets. This is from personal experience.

Peace Fully

I do it after every delivery to relieve my kpeka soreness and pains. It also helps to heal my episiotomy wounds faster. Sometimes when I feel my honey is not smelling nice, I steam it to remove the odour. It gives me relief. V steam is also used to treat yeast infection.

Coker Funmilayo

Please boil water 💧 at home 🏠 add salt, ginger, garlic, scent 🍂 leaves, cloves and booni. 💺 Sit on it for 30 minutes, do it thrice in a week, then secondly soak Cloves And Booni in a bottle with cold water for 3 days, then use it to wash your Vee twice in a day, you will be clean 🛁 like a 🆕 born baby, both for infections and tightness. You will thank God and thank me later.

Onyeka Ekechi

Viginaa steaming is good. Instead of going to buy soaps and other chemical to tighten it or clear infection. You can do it in the natural way with hot water and disinfectant. Before period, it reduces menstrual cramps. During period, it helps the flow and makes it seamless. After period it cleans your kpekuruku from the infection and stale blood that comes with menstruation. It can still be done after megbesuegbe to reduce loos.eness. Yoni steaming is good , but it’s safer when done naturally.

Laca Confidence

I do it. You can boil water, add real salt or Epsom salt with scent leave, pour into a bowl or bucket and sit on it. It makes me feel right d.own th.ere and remove bad odour.

Catherine Khaemba

For those who don’t know about va.gin.a steaming, It is a process where you use natural herbs to st.eam the va.gina. It cleans and also heal infections. Also tigh.tens and leaves you fresh ther.e. It was a method used in the olden days till today. It is a DIY and cheap way of taking care of your property.

Kehinde Joke

I do it. It is a way of detoxing my vagina. It works for me. It makes me smell nice there. I normally do it at home.

Nefertiti Meg

V-steaming is normally done immediately after your period. You boil hot water, add to it little salt and dettol you sit on, it’s just the vapour that you need. It helps to eliminate bacteria and odour that comes with period.

Dorcas Lawan

Cool…. It makes d kpekei firm and tigh.ter. It removes infections too

Victoria Anas

For me, vaginal steaming is an ancient practice used for centuries for women all around the world 🌎 This practice can be used to address women’s needs holistically without the need of man made medicine 💊. It addresses issues caused by: old residue in the uterus, stagnation, painful menses, and accumulated toxins. 🔸Yoni steaming also aids in nourishing and strengthening the uterus, alleviates abdominal pain, helps with Vaginal odor, regulates Menses, helps with infertility, speeds up recovery after childbirth, helps with menopausal issues, Vagina dryness, low libido, fibroids, blocked Fallopian tubes, ,cysts and more.

What are the risks or side effects of yoni steaming?

Now the risks. Some ladies volunteered to speak on the risks and bad experiences they had while doing yoni steaming.

Elinor Tejiro

I stopped the vaginal steaming thing where I had severe burns from the hot water. It was a sad experience and I will never indulge in it again. I suffered second degree burns to my buttocks and pubic region and I was on admission for 1 month. The pains and daily wound dressing was killing. V-steaming does more harm than good.

Jennifer Ekundayo

It does not work and a total waste of time. I tried it twice and came down with candidiasis. I read it kills the microflora of the va…gina.

Tayo Adekunle

See I stopped doing steaming when I got burnt down there. It was not funny. Moreover, it does not give the expected results or relief as advertised. I nearly died of pains and contractures that came with the burns.

A medical expert speaks on V-steaming

UK based medical doctor and social media influencer @ Dr Olufunmilayo bares his mind on yoni steaming. He discredited the practice with scientific proofs, stated the side effects of yoni steaming, and gave expert advise on vaginalhygiene.

Read his comments below….

“The VaginaBBQ Recipe Crew are at it again

“Steam with salt and hot water”

“Massage with oil”

“Pour yoghurt inside”

Your stuff is not chicken/goat meat. Why exactly are you trying to marinate and grill it? If you are itchy with pain “d..own th..ere”, please speak to a doctor.

Are you aware some of this nonsense

VaginaBBQ advice can cause long term injury and chronic infections which may lead to gynatresia (the narrowing of the female genital tract, which often leads to obstruction leading to problems having reproductive problems and having babies)?

Are u aware?

I honestly don’t understand this obsession and why the VaginaBBQ Recipe Crew wont simply leave the honey provider alone.

Exposing the vag in.a to heat, salt, hot water, pouring/sticking things inside destroys the natural environment and causes infections.

This is not a joke

The best care for the vagina are simple things: Wash only the (the outer part)

NEVER wash inside the kpekere

NEVER put anything inside except a clean tampon

Have your bath twice a day

Avoid tight/nylon underwear because they cause heat which is bad

NEVER EVER put powder/talc inside the vagina.

NEVER EVER do it, there are medical research linking this with cancer of the ovaries in women that do it.

Don’t use your own hands to ruin your own life with these bad advice flying everywhere. Please be wise

Do NOT use alum inside your vagina in the futile bid to “tighten” your up.

Research has shown that a lot of alum used by women causes injury, scars and possible infections.

Please your is NOT a bolt and there’s no need to tighten it with anything.

Be also careful with what underwear you use.

You know your body better than anybody else.

Some women find that Strings are very uncomfortable and makes them to itch, if you are in that category, simply stay off it.

Better to be comfortable than be in misery because of fashion.

After using the toilet, always wipe from front to back.

NEVER EVER do it from back to front. If you wipe from back to front, you stand the risk of bringing bacteria from the anus into the veeee

This move can trigger repeated infections that may be difficult to treat.

Do NOT douche please. Douching is the act of cleaning inside by spraying it with water/soap using a hose or shower

Many believe this will get rid of bad odor, sperm and menstrual blood. This is bad practice. It wil only destabilise the vagina and cause infections.

Seriously, ladies, douching may appear sensible but it is very bad and dangerous for the vagina.

The vee does NOT need any help from you to keep it clean. It cleans itself all by itself and stays beautiful.

It is how your body is wired, and put together to function.

Maintain good menstrual hygiene. Try to change pads every 8 hours please.

Don’t wear one pad for two days. With the advent of pads that absorb very well, many ladies forget to change pads regularly when on their period.

This is risky because that blood can cause serious infection.

Learn about Kegel exercise, these are exercises that help to contract and relax the muscles in the pelvis, and are said to technically make the pelvic wall stronger and flexible. It’s particularly beneficial during pregnancy and after birth. Talk to your doctor or physio about this.

If you are quite sensitive down the matter, don’t use scented detergents to wash your underwear.

Those scented detergents tend to break down the natural barrier of the vag..ina and makes users prone to infections.

Try to always use plain unscented detergents to wash your underwear.

“Steam it with fire

Add salt Pour dry pepper

Massage inside with oil

Sit on hot water

Put powdered ginger”

These are all dangerous advice from the VaginaBBQ Recipe Crew.

Please your kpekere is not some sort of frozen chicken, all this grilling and marinating is unnecessary”.



  1. Hi
    I’ve been treating candida for some years and I only get relieved for few weeks then start itching again. plus I think its the reason I’m having abdominal pains. Though I’ve spoken to quite some doctors but I still haven’t gotten a positive result. please what else do I need to do. The pain is really unbearable when it starts

  2. Please I have been having unprotected sex for 3 years now and have found it difficult to get pregnant, but I have never treated infection before and I don’t know what to do.


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