America will soon find cure for HIV-President Donald Trump says

U.S. President Donald Trump has promised America would “very soon” find a cure for AIDS and childhood cancer.

The president made the promise at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio in continuation of a similar promise during his July campaign kickoff when he vowed to come up with the cures to many diseases including cancer and others.

“We’re getting closer all the time.”

“We will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine.

“I see what they are doing. I see it; they show me.

“The things we are doing in our country today. There’s never been anything like it. We will be ending the AIDS epidemic shortly in America, and curing childhood cancer very shortly,” Trump said Thursday night.

America will soon find cure for HIV
America will soon find cure for HIV

Early this year, yours sincerely, the Nigerian Health Blog reported the the Russian Central Research Institute of Epidemiology has developed a new gene therapy medicine for people living with HIV, according to head of the federal health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova.

“The Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor created a fundamentally new drug for gene therapy, gene prophylactic treatment and molecular vaccination against HIV.

“A highly active antiviral drug calledDinavir,which will soon be clinically tested, has been created,” Popova said on the sidelines of an international conference on HIV and AIDS in Moscow”. He said.

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