Medical doctor and social media influencer @Aproko doctor yesterday took to his social media handle to reveal the scams in body detoxing products or system cleansers like the drugs, foods, and drinks circulating round the Nigerian markets saying the body is programmed to detoxify itself naturally. He warns Nigerians to waste money unnecessarily on products that will cause more harm than good.

Below are his tweets……and the reactions from his followers.

Do you have kidneys, lungs and a liver?

Check… Are they there? Good!

That’s all you need for detoxing.

But some people will rather believe that you need to use bleach and wash the inside of your body.

Detoxification is a medical term that became a marketing strategy,

Detoxification means treatments for dangerous druga, alcohol, or poisons, heavy metals.

They are actual medical procedures with antidotes.

Who does this: Toxicologists

For example, if you take a dangerous drug and rushed to the hospital, you will be given another drug or passed through a procedure to clear you body off that drug or poison.

Sometimes they are called antidotes.

Other times they bind to the drug so that your body can excrete it.

Body detoxing
Body detoxing is a lie. The body only detoxes in it own natural way
Credit: USA today

While we live our lives, encounter things, your body generates waste products, which your body excretes by itself when you sweat, breath, urinate, poo etc…

The main players are your liver and kidneys, your liver converts most things you take to less harmful substances

Humans are wired to believe that we are not clean and enough, hence we need to do something extra to cleanse ourselves, that’s one reason why religion is so powerful.

Detox marketing strategies buy into this human need.

Something extra to cleanse yourself

So let us assume that a kidney fails, what happens, the waste and the toxins accumulate… if nothing is done, this person may die

So the person usually needs a new kidney right, or a dialysis machine, not some detox regimen to help them clear toxins

Are we together?

When you urinate what are you doing? Body Detoxing!

When you poo, what are you doing? Detoxing!

When you sweat, what are you doing? Detoxing!

When you breathe out, what are you doing? Body Detoxing!


Doc my truth is you’re Mazi@AMADICHIMA
in your field. Always giving us useful health insight free of charge without asking for consultation fee, even google will still confuse us with it’s explanation. May God reward you and may you not lack anything good.
Dr_ Eunice@EuniceOlusoji
That money you are using to buy detoxifying products is more than enough to buy you fruits and veggies for the month….. Good health is cheap, take water, eat, sleep and exercise well enough…but no ignorance make them spend money on things that will cause harm to their health.
AGUJIEGBE 1@krismighty
Doc, what of those that tell you to buy a basin like machine, you put your legs inside and pour water, after some time the toxins from your body turns the water to brown or darker. Is that fake too?
Gold Shakirat@shakiratgold
They’re just washing your feet. Maybe you went to Lagos island in the rain and your feet became muddy.
The topmost layer of the skin sheds. So when you clean off the skin..they tell you its ‘dirt’. Its just the horny layer doing its regular thing. But people prefer abracadabra.
Thank you for this. When they go on and on about detoxification, I just laugh….may we only use our own hard earned money to ‘do’ ourselves (pun intended)
Oyebo Dayo Sunday@oyebosunday
GNLD, tianshi, forever living, glutathione etc gangs come and see something. Some people have actually made money from gullible Nigerians, especially those Philippinos.
Yussuf Nthumbi@PNthumbi
You have to detoxify your body organs, nourish the cells and immune boost your entire body system by using supplements.
The supplements are based from China, I’m not marketing the company but they have a very good products and i have a very good testimony for kidney patient, who was having kidney stones, and I gave him the product by the name chitosan caps.
He use the product for about 4 months, on higher dose, after 4 months he went for the check up and the kidney stones were finished.
Replying to@aproko_doctor
But doctor. Have you seen a device where they’ll put in water in a bowl and the user will use their feet to touch the device??? The water will change colour. What do you think about that??? They say it’s a detoxifying machine.
lol, some are buying forever living product for as much as 40k in the name of detox.
IKECHUKWU-Nwa Onye Nkusi@officially_iyke
I really need to detoxify my organs. Doc, do you have any recommendations?
Emeka Oliver@EmekaOliver7


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