Does Krest bitter lemon prevent pregnancy?

Many foods, drugs and drinks have been proposed to be effective in preventing pregnancy or at best act as a contraceptive since the beginning of mankind. I have met ladies who testify to using coke, salt, water, ampiclox, Pepsi, Schweppes, Mountain Dew, lemon, 7-Up, quinine and herbs to prevent pregnancy. They say they take it either before or after intimacy and it works for them with no scientific backing.

The new ‘contraceptive’ in town is Krest Bitter Lemon 🍋 recently popularised by Busola Timi, wife of the soul musician Timi Dakolo who shared a sad story of how she was defiled by a certain big Pastor of COZA church and thereafter forced to drink Krest after the despicable act. While many Nigerians have taken sides on the issue (as expected) , others while condemning the act, have questioned the rationale of the pastor allegedly forcing her to take Krest.

The debate now is: “does Krest bitter lemon prevent pregnancy?

A medical doctor reacts quoting a study from Pubmed……………..


Dr. Ivwighren Eric gave his expert opinion on this heated debate. He said: “I have heard reports of people drinking Krest bitter lemon to prevent pregnancy. Krest does not prevent pregnancy when ingested. Please do not be misguided. Krest bitter lemon is a carbonated soft drink containing lemon and quinine. It is acidic in nature. A research was done to check the effect of different soft drinks on sperm by mixing them with semen under different condition in term of temperature and pH. It was shown that Krest lemon drink completely immobilized sperm in its acidic factory condition. Other soft drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola also reduced sperm motility but to a lesser degree in their acidic factory state.
Hence, the research showed the potential of Krest lemon drink as a post coital(after sex) contraceptive, especially to serve poor countries where the drink is readily available and cheap. The experiment took place in the laboratory where the semen was mixed with Krest lemon. That’s why we can only talk about its potential contraceptive function. Also, its contraceptive effect, WHEN MIXED WITH SEMEN, is as a result of the immobilization of sperm by its acidic state which will prevent the sperm from swimming to meet the egg for fertilization. Thus, drinking Krest lemon to prevent pregnancy will not achieve the desired aim as it does not get to the sperm in the female genital tract when ingested. In fact, it produces alkaline(non acidic) byproducts following body metabolism when ingested”.

Let justice prevail on this issue of an alleged rape.

Krest does not prevent pregnancy
Krest Bitter Lemon

By Dr. Eric Ivwighren


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