How to prevent asthmatic attacks in NYSC camp/surviving asthma in Nysc camp.

All sorts of people with one medical condition or the other are posted to various camps by the National Youth Service Corps for a compulsory 3 weeks camping, orientation, and training before they are now posted to their places of primary assignment(PPA) for the service year proper. Among the Corp members posted to camp are asthmatics, sicklers, hypertensives, ulcer patients, hypertensive patients, persons with hemorrhoids, diabetics and so on.

Asthmatics are more in number in the camp, and also because the conditions (unhygienic and unconductive) of most NYSC camps in Nigeria always triggers crisis in asthmatics, I have decided to share tips on how to live, prevent and survive with asthma in the camp.

Read the tips below…….

Accept you are asthmatic.

Prepare a medical report before going to the camp. This report must be duly signed by a medical doctor on a public hospital.

Dont forget your inhaler. In fact go to camp with 2 inhalers.

Always be with your inhaler.

Learn how to use your inhaler.

Go to camp early so as to get a good space in the hostels.

In the hostel, sleep close to the window or under the fan.

Prepare for extreme cold- go with sweaters

Ensure you don’t choose a duty bed

Drink plenty of water.

Ensure you don’t get dehydrated.

Have a water container with you and take it everywhere.

Sleep close to the window for fresh air.

As soon as you arrive camp, please go straight to the camp clinic and let the camp doctors know you are asthmatic.

Go with your medications.

Please know the names of your medication. It makes it easier for your camp doctors.

Know your triggers and avoid them

No strenuous exercise please

Eat plenty of fruits.

Go to camp with 2 bed sheets. Always change your bed sheets.

Avoid enclosed and stuffy places.

If you cannot go for parade let them know and don’t force yourself.

Know the foods that you react to and avoid them.

No matter the platoon you belong to please don’t join them in the kitchen.

If you suspect you are about to have an attack, walk straight to the clinic with your inhaler.

Stay close to the camp clinic.

Let your platoon leaders know you are asthmatic.

Avoid dust as much as possible.

Please go with facemask, if you are posted to very dusty states like the northern parts of the country.

Stay in a well ventilated environment.

Please don’t stress yourself.

Avoid heat exhaustion as much as possible.

No smoking please.

No binge drinking.

Do not drink alcohol in camp.

Do not indulge in strenuous or physically exhaustive exercise.

Avoid crowded places in camp

Be emotionally intelligent. Don’t let anyone toil with your emotions. Extreme emotions can trigger asthmatic attacks.

Make friends with responsible individuals in camp.

Learn a skill. Attend their skill acquisition programmes

Watch out for other asthmatics in camp and make friends with them. This helps most times.

Asthma in Nysc camp
Corp members
Credit: Naija news

This article is dedicated to a beautiful Corp member called Amarachi. Her asthmatic attacks was so frequent that she was now practically staying with us in camp clinic in Nasarawa. She was allergic to almost every thing in camp. She was later redeployed to serve close to her family.


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