Nurses stereotypes. Probably feed up with the myths, falsehoods, untruths and negative stories about nurses, a man bears his mind on the stereotyping of the nursing profession on facebook.

He has very strong points and we must stop male and female nurses stereotypes

Read below…… ……

“Nurses are this! Nurses that.

Quotes from those who are never in the shoes of these gorgeous people.

Nurses Stereotypes.



Nurses are this! Nurses are that!

Ndị ara Ndị ara.

Jeez! A friend suggested I should mind my tone while writing.

Of all the stereotypes melted to professions, individuals, tribes etc.

The one that hits me more is that melted to Nurses.

40% of humanity feel the same way as well.

This post may or may not be long but you need to read it.

I don’t need to be a nurse before I render my dissatisfaction.

Nurses are often unsung heroes from providing round-the-clock assessment and beside care to administering medicines, wound care, diagonistics and counselling.

Nurses are indispensable clinicians.

They are not just there to be taking a patient’s pulse or blood pressure, setting up IVS, emptying bedpans etc.

Yet stereotypes in the television, film and other media have long cultivated public misconception of the nursing profession.

Especially from Nollywood.

Besides if Nurse Nono is rude, a gossip, wicked and even an ashawo doesn’t negate the fact that Nurse Chinelo is also wicked and dates a doctor.

So why the stereotype melted to nurses?

On the lips of many.

Every nurses has had at least one affair with a doctor.

Nurses stereotypes
Dispelling nurses myths

What all nurses do is to wipe patients all day long.

Nurses are inferior to doctors.

Nurses are low lives.
All nurses are super filthy.

The question “Why’d you become a nurse and not a doctor?

When people assume that there’s nothing to do during night shift since all the patients are asleep.

They are gossips.

The doctor always knows more.


Nollywood is number one culprit of this crime. Nollywood has unrepentantly portrayed the Nursing profession in a negative light.

Just go to YouTube and type nurse.

You will marvel with what you’ll see.

Horny nurses.

Abakaliki nurses.

Nurse Cecilia.

Calabar nurses.

Nurses on night duty.

Nurses were thought of as caring and compassion and Nursing was viewed as an admirable occupation to which so many aspire.

Today we are being brainwashed by the mass media and writers of popular TV shows and movies have depicted nurses in demeaning roles, typically portraying them as sexual objects, frivolous, or being subservient to male doctors.

Nollywood movies associates nurses with sex and cruelty, stamping an impression on the profession in the minds of millions of Nigerians.

In fact 86% of the 280 films featured nurses as overtly sexual.

Doctors are “god” in charge of things. Doctors are seen performing many critical functions that in real life are actually performed by Nurses.

Some even forget the male folks that are also nurses.

Or would they be referred as being incompetent, corrupt, homicidal etc as well?

Nevertheless, fictional nurse characters tend to remain mostly insulting and unrealistically marginalizing the Nursing profession.

The implication of this stereotype is that it distorts people’s perception about Nursing profession and negatively influences their attitudes towards nurses in the real world.

Majority don’t value what nurses do only but a few because all they remember is the low life nurse he/she saw in the movies.

The bottom line is that writers of TV shows and movies should take artistic license to ensure accuracy instead of feeding the public with false information about this profession.

Nurses on their own side needs to be prepared to describe what they do. They need to speak out.

For me and others who cares.
Professional nurses don’t grace the doctor’s bed. They collaborate with them to provide solutions to health problems.

Saying they are gossips, drug addicts etc. They abide by the ethics of their profession.

They are not irresponsible, inferior or unintelligent set of people. If only they tell you what they go through to pass their final exams. You will shatap.

Saying nurses sleep with patients. Mehn! Are you still us on this planet?

They are not cruel, wicked, disrespectful, errand girls, prostitutes etc.

They don’t wash doctor’s cars.

You know the “Golden Rule”?

Yes na.

You know am.

Apply it.

Treat nurses as you’ll like them to treat you.

Be kind and calm while addressing them. Many of them are wired differently whatever Oshim endures, Chinelo may not endure.

Remember that irrespective of the pay they receive. It’s never easy to take care of another person that is not a family.

95% of the functions performed at the hospital are done by them not the doctors.

Nurses are God sent.
Nurses are caring.
Nurses are beautiful.
Nurses are smart.

When next you take nurses as low lives then you need to go for brain surgery.

I’m really proud of guys.

We love you guys.”

The nursing profession are being wrongly misrepresented in the world today. Join hands to put a stop to these nurses stereotypes or myths. It can only be done by education and public enlightenment like what this man just started. Funny enough, he is not a nurse but a Philosopher.



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