Alcohol Consumption Per Geo Political Zone.

South South (Niger Delta) N74.4 billion √
South East N44 billion
South West N37 billion
North-Central N30 billion
North-East N19.6 billion
North West N2.6 billion

Rural dwellers consume more alcohol than urban dwellers.

States that drink the most beer in Nigeria are in the Nigeria Delta

The highest alcohol consuming state in Nigeria falls in the South-South zone

NBS gives statistics of beer consumption by states in nigeria

Source: NBS

Alcohol consumption is a billion naira business in Nigeria with consumers spending just less than a quarter of a trillion naira in 2016. According to the latest data from the nation’s statistics bureau, in 2016 alone, Nigerians spent at least N208 billion on alcohol – this amount was more than the budget of Zamfara State for that year.

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