I have time tonight. I have been bombanded with questions on Postinor 2 on every side for the last one month and I have decided to answer all your questions on morning after pills. There are also plenty of Postinor myths circulating around both the print media, social media and our everyday conversations and I want to dispel them tonight.

I have compiled over 30 frequently asked questions on levonorgestrel (Postinor) and I am going to answer them straight away using headers.

1. Does Postinor 2 cause cancer?

No. There has not been a report or research that shows Postinor to be a cause of cancer in women. However is is recommended that those with any form of cancer such as breast, ovarian or cervical cancer should not take the morning afternoon pills.

2. What are the side effects of Postinor 2 on menstruation?

Postinor do have some effects on your menstrual cycle. It works by delaying ovulation and thickening of the cervical mucus preventing spermatozoa from getting to the Fallopian tubes. Postinor 2 may delay your flow by some days but not later than 5 days. If after taking your morning after pill, your period delays by 5 days or more; please see a doctor for a pregnancy test.

3. Can Postinor 2 cause infertility?

Emergency contraceptive pills do not cause infertility. There are many things that causes infertility in women and postinor is not one of them. Levonorgestrel has not been reported to cause infertility. It is a myth that has been dispelled.

4. Can I take Postinor twice a week?

I don’t think it is advisable. It is an emergency contraceptive and not meant to be abused. Taking postinor twice a week amounts to abuse and it has its consequences. Do not take Postinor more than twice in a month. If you are a very sexually active person, I advise you go for a longer term contraception like IUCD or implants.

5.Dangers/disadvantages of morning after pills

The is no dangers or disadvantages of Postinor really especially if taken according to instructions. I guess you also mean the side effects of Postinor 2. Morning after pills have very minimal side effects if taken according. The common adverse effects ladies have complained of are: dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, uterine bleeding, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, and fatigue.

6. Effects of Postinor on the womb

Postinor has no negative effective on the womb. It will not prevent your uterus from carrying babies in future and neither will it stop your menstruation forever. It will not shrink your womb or give your fibroids. However, postinor as a side effect can cause uterine bleeding, uterine pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, temporary cessation of your period, breast tenderness, acne, delay in your period. Just like other hormonal contraceptives,levonorgestrel(Postinor) reducing your chances of developing uterine fibroids, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. This does not mean you should use it as a long term contraception.

7. Can taking morning after pills too many times cause infertility?

No. But you should not be using postinor routinely or as a long term contraceptive plan. If you know you have intercourse quite often please go and insert an IUD or implant. Taking postinor too many times will cause you weight gain and serious menstrual problems that may in some way affect your ability to get pregnant. Don’t abuse it.

8. How long does morning after pill delay ovulation

How many days will Postinor 2 delay period?

You are not likely to get a specific answer here because it varies from woman-to-woman. Your next menstrual period is likely to arrive on time. However, it may be slightly early or late. If it is more than 1 week late, or if it is unusually light, perform a pregnancy test. If you do not have a menstrual period after 3 weeks of taking postinor-2, you may be pregnant. Consult your doctor.

9. How does Postinor work during ovulation period?

Levonorgestrel containing morning after pills work by delaying ovulation and thickening of the cervical mucus preventing spermatozoa from passing through.

10. How to take Postinor 2

Can postinor2 be taken at once? Postinor2 contains 0.75mg of levonorgestrel. It is taken as one tablet immediately after intercourse and then the other tablet 12 hours later but not later than 24 hours. All these must be completed within 72 hours after meeting your partner. Sometimes, so as not to forget, some doctors recommend you take the two tablets at once. It is still the same thing.

For postinor 1, also known as postinor 10 because it contains 10 tablets, it contains 1.5mg of levonorgestrel. It is taken 1 tablet immediately after sex as a single dose. Some persons sometimes take 2 tablets (3mg) of postinor 1 at once without any side effects. But do not try it. It may amount to postinor overdose and the adverse effects may warrant hospitalilzation.

11. Can breastfeeding mothers take Postinor?

No. Postinor-2 is identified in breast milk. It is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women.

12. Side effects of Postinor2 after a week?

Really there’s no recorded adverse effects of postinor after a week other than sometimes delaying your period or may have abnormal vaginal spotting called light bleeding but it resolves.

13. Does Postinor protects against sexually transmitted infections?

No it does not. Please combine Postinor use with male or female condom if you want to get protection from STDs

14. Can the morning after pill make you miss a period?

Yes. Sometimes you may miss your period after taking postinor. This is because one of the mechanism of action of morning after pills is to delay ovulation. However, you are advised to do a pregnancy test to be sure you are not pregnant.

15. Can the morning after pill delay your period for 2 months?

Yes you can. You can miss your period for 2 months because you took postinor. There are many other things that can affect your monthly flow aside postinor. Pregnancy is one of them. Please see a doctor to investigate you for other causes of cessation of menstruation.

16. how long does postinor-2 delay ovulation?

Nobody can actually say but for most women, it is that month in question..while for others it may take 2 to 3 months.

17. How many days after taking postinor am I protected….?

It is easy to answer. Postinor protects you from getting pregnant for that month in question…it tweaks your period for that month to prevent you from getting pregnant.

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Any more questions?


  1. Please i had unprotected sex 8days to my ovulation day. I took two tablellts of Postinor 2 once, three hours after unprotected sex. I want to know if it will prevent me.from getting pregnant. Or do I need to buy another one and used again

  2. I took postinor2 7 hrs after unprotected intercourse …this was 7 days to my period … Could I be pregnant because this is 5 days after …im worried

  3. I took postinor 2 3 days of my period and I was bleeding till one week of it and I took pain killer bc of the pain. I have not seen my fertility circle am dried up.

  4. Hi doctor I had my menses on 4 the of August then after I had sex on 10 the of the same month but immediately after the intercourse I took postionor 2.But now surprisingly I had a vaginal bleeding on Thursday 19 same month August that lasted for 4 days with some pain in the breast.
    Is it the pill didn’t work or .Am I safe please tell cause am scared please 🥺

  5. I had unprotected sex while ovulating for 2 days and then took postinor 2 on the 2nd day. I was supposed to see my period 3 days after but I haven’t. Any possibility the contraceptive worked?

  6. Hi Doctor,
    I had unprotected sex on the 26th of August and took postinor2 few minutes after. Had sex on 6:00a.m, 30th of August, took postinor2 7:00pm that same day. Had sex on the 1st of September and didn’t take anything and I’m ovulating. Are there chances I could get pregnant?

  7. Hi doc, I had unprotected sex on Wednesday September 8th & took postinor 2 pills at once the next day (September 9th)…. My period is expected to start Wednesday September 15th. Am I safe?

  8. Hi Doc
    I had unprotected sex 2 days after ovulation and I took the morning after pill 2hrs later…
    Buh I’m one day late to my period . Is there a likelihood that I’m pregnant?

  9. Hey doc,
    I had sex October 29th & took p2 on the 30th around 8:38am & took the other pill around 8:38pm, I’m suppose to get my period November 8th but I start to bleed yesterday & not seeing much blood now. Am I safe?

  10. I had unprotected secx one week before my ovulation, i took postinor two 2hrs later. On the day of my ovulation i had Nausea, Menstrual Cramps And heavy Vaginal flow, Is thsia side effect?

  11. Hi doc I had my periods last month a week before having unprotected sex but took postinor an hour later after a shower, then I travelled after 17 days. I have not seen my periods but have been having discharge it started with brown now its white, my breasts are tender once in a while, am I safe will my periods come?


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