#Beecham Ampiclox Vs Postinor 2

IN MY LITTLE EXPERIENCE, there are two major types of drugs Nigerians abuse immediate post-sex: POSTINOR 2 and BEECHAM AMPICLOX.
A lot of people take them for one and the same reason, as a means of contraception – prevention of pregnancy. And while the former, Postinor 2, is an emergency contraceptive; the latter, Beecham Ampiclox, is kilometers away from contraception.

It therefore makes me laugh deep down whenever I try to convince someone against using Ampiclox as a means of contraception and they begin to give me testimonies of how it’d been working for them for so many years and same for their friends too.

Of course, as a doctor, I understand and appreciate my patients’ views no matter how ‘absurd’, but when some of them vehemently argue in defense of this warped practice, I can’t help but shake my head.
These days, a lot more people even believe that the almighty Beecham Ampiclox does not only prevent pregnancy, but it can be used for abortion, etc.

Just negodu! 😔
It’s one thing to be ignorant, but it’s another thing to vehemently refuse proper education on something. Me I no like arguing too much, so when a lady maintains that Beecham Ampiclox works fine for her with regard to contraception, I just hands off 🙌.
You can’t force something into someone’s head, least of all your patient.

This reminds me of one of a legion of cases I experienced in 2018 when a lady, a university graduate at that, kept telling me about how every drug didn’t do the same things in everyone’s body, and thus, in some people a drug designed to work like A, would end up working like B.

Could that be possible? Technically, yes. Most drugs as we know them have multiple mechanisms of action and even affect plenty body systems beyond the targeted one. This also accounts for their side effects as the case may be.

In fact, some drugs could have so terrible and unforeseen effects on particular individuals and we call it idiosyncratic reactions.

However, it’d be folly to assume that, because of that, a category of drugs designed to act in a particular way, would act in some other way, simply because you want it to, especially when it’s not proven by scientific studies. The drugs are not subject to your whims and caprices.

So when she kept telling me about how Beecham Ampiclox, believed by everyday Nigerians to be the most powerful antibiotic out there, saved her countless times from pregnancy while Postinor 2 caused her night mare, I knew better than to argue it.

Ike okwu adirokwam chaa chaa! 😒
And then in October, she called me to tell me about how she unintentionally took in even though she still took her Beecham Ampiclox. She felt so sad and depressed.
“What happened?” I asked.
“I think it’s because the particular Beecham Ampiclox I took was an expired one,” she said. “That’s the only reason why it failed.”
I felt very sorry for her, but then I knew that at that time, she was sober and more willing to listen. So I lectured her.

In lay terms, Ampiclox is a type of antibiotic derived from Penicillin. Its job is to fight infections in the body, especially those caused by Gram-positive organisms like Staph and Strept, as well as other organisms, where it destroys the cell wall (shield) of those organisms and they die.

It’s therefore used in treating chest infections, throat infections, ear infections, etc., which are predominantly caused by such organisms. It has no role whatsoever in prevention of pregnancy.

This is because pregnancy is controlled by hormones and Ampiclox does not contain any hormones neither does it interfere with the hormones of pregnancy.

Ighotago? (Hope you understand?)
Beecham is the name of a nineteenth century British company which produced all sorts of drugs.

The founder’s name was Thomas Beecham. It later merged with SmithKline Beckman in 1989 to become SmithKline Beecham, but they retained the trademark name “Beecham” for their flagship products like Ampiclox.

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In 2000, SmithKline Beecham merged with Glaxo Wellcome to become GlaxoSmithKline, popularly In 2000, SmithKline Beecham merged with Glaxo Wellcome to become GlaxoSmithKline, popularly known as GSK.

The London-based firm is one of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Postinor 2, on the other hand, is an emergency contraceptive and this prevents pregnancy in majority of people if taken correctly and within 72 hours of having the unprotected sex.

The two drugs are not the same and don’t act alike. While some people can take the Ampiclox to prevent infection (prophylaxis, as we call it) if they feel they got exposed during sex, this doesn’t mean it has become a contraceptive.

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The truth about the said lady was most likely this: she didn’t get pregnant other times she took the Beecham Ampiclox post sex either because she was in her safe period or the man didn’t ejaculate inside her, but it was never due to a perceived contraceptive ability of Beecham Ampiclox.

Such things don’t exist.
So if you keep keep abusing this beautiful antibiotic, you subject us all to the devastating effects of antibiotic resistance, and the day your luck will run out, the belle must to enter.

It is in the constitution 😂
Don’t say I didn’t tell you.
Ekwuchagom my own (I have said my own).

#Beecham Ampiclox does not flush out sperm. #Beecham does not prevent pregnancy. #Beecham Ampiclox is not an abortion pill. #It is an #antibiotic used to treat infections not to remove pregnancy.

Postinor 2 or postpill is your surest best of preventing pregnancy.

You can choose a longer method of contraception please instead of postinor or postpill.

This was first posted on facebook but I got express permission from the author Dr Casey Amaefule to post on Nimedhealth with for wider coverage.


  1. I used postinor 2 and (1) ampiclox, is there a chance dat I can get pregnant?. And does it cause a delay in my period (mesuration).

  2. I had sex on Sunday then I took postinor 2
    Then on Tuesday I had sex again.can the postinor I took on Sunday still prevent me from pregnancy

  3. Comment: i to ampiclox after having an unprotected sex, the next day i took postinor 2. Will the pregnancy be prevented?

  4. Please I had an unprotected sex on Sunday morning and took ampiclox immediately and I postinor 2 on Tuesday morning, is there any chance of me getting pregnant?

  5. Pls sir I want to conceive & I take becham ampiclox because of the injury I sustain cause by roofing nail,. Can I still be pregnant or how long it will take, though I take levofem contraceptive the previous month

  6. Am 6weeks gone, I took herps I mean native agbo it did not work, what durgs do u think I should take. My body is very strong in terms of English durgs dat why I took native, bt still no result, pls what should I do

  7. I don’t see my period and I don’t even have any sign of pregnancy. It’s just that I don’t see my period, does that means I can be pregnant

  8. I took positinor 1 and Beecham ampliclox immediately after nakamora, does the two work together, are they effective together and I hope the ampliclox will not prevent the postinor from working?

  9. I feel so embarrassed to say this but I have to because it’s troubling me already, I saw my period on 2nd Sept and it ended 5th Sept due to the postinor 2 that I took, then I had unprotected secx yesterday been 24th Sept, is it possible for me to get pregnant if I don’t take postinor 2 again… because I don’t really know when am on my free period


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