Tydineal cream for treatment of ringworm, eczema, jock itch & athlete’s foot

Tydineal is a cream containing ketoconazole 10mg,  neomycin sulfate 5000IU and  clobetasol propionate 0.25mg and used for fungal infection of the skin.

The cream is extremely effective treatment against skin infections like black spot,eczema, ringworm(lapalapa),bra rashes, and itchy skin.

Clinical pharmacology of tydineal- how it works.

Ketoconazole is a broad spectrum anti fungal agent that acts on the cell membranes of fungi by changing its permeability.  Pharmacological studies have shown that ketoconazole has extremely potent antimycotic actions against dermatophytes (such as Trichophyton sp., Microsporom sp.,   and epidermophyton sp.), saccharomyces and candida albicans.  Strains of fungi are unlikely to have a natural resistance to ketoconazole.  clobetasol is a cortex hormone that is highly effective against Gram positive and gram negative bacteria. As a result, this combination of tydineal cream is highly effective against fungi,  bacteria, inflammation and pruritus (itching).

Indications and Usage of tydineal

Tydineal cream is indicated for topical application in the treatment of fungal infections of the skin,  such as times manus (fungal infection of the hand), tinea corporis (ringworm) , tinea cruris (jock itch)  and times vesiculor (pityriasis versiculor). It has also proved effective in the treatment of many kinds of dermatitis, eczema and pruritus.

Method of administration 

Apply externally to the affected area twice daily.  It is suggested to use tydineal for two (2) weeks on tinea corporis (ringworm)  and times cruris(jock itch)  and for four (4) weeks on time pedis (athlete’s  foot)  and times manually (fungal infection of the hand).

When not to use tydineal- Contraindications

Tydineal cream is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients.  It is not for ophthalmic use.  Take special precautions in usage during pregnancy and on infants.

It has no known drug interactions.


It should be used under doctor’s supervision when applied on the face or t on a large area of skin for a long period of time.  Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Adverse effects

Tydineal cream has few side effects when used topically. A few instances if irritation, itching or burning sensation may be observed occasionally during the treatment. It should be discontinued if this is severe.

Special precautions 

For external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not exceed prescribed dosage.

Read carefully before before using.

Drug should be used under doctor’s prescription.


Available in pack of 5g,  20g aluminum tube.


Keep away from sunlight.  Do not freeze.  Store in a temperature not exceeding 30 degree Celsius.

Cost and availability

Tydineal cream cost between #400 to #800 naira and it is available in many pharmacies and hospital. You can also get the cream from online supermarkets like Jiji,  Konga,  Jumia, Alibaba and others.

Other antifungal creams for the treatment of fungal skin infections are:

  • Lamisil cream
  • Terbinafine cream
  • Funbact A
  • Lotrimin
  • Mycoten cream
  • Clotrimazole cream
  • Miconazole cream

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  1. The ring worm on my daughter’s face and leg has been there for over months now we normally use neoskin,and immediately I stopped using it, it’s always appear again, was friend told me to buy tydineal cream, please sir is there any antifungal drug I can use together with the cream for her.thanks

  2. Please can I use it to treat bumps around my neck, after a hair cut at the salon I noticed hard bumps at my next area, the chemist prescribed this “Tydineal” for me

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