Why take hepatitis B vaccine in Nigeria? This is personal. i got vaccinated against the dreaded hepatitis b virus infection in Nigeria in year 2013 and i will guild you on where to get yours, how to get yours and how much you are going to pay to get vaccinated.

1. Why did I get vaccinated?

I was at risk of contracting the hepatitis b virus infection. Apart from being a health care provider, I realised many people were living with the virus. In Nigeria, there are 20 million people living with viral hepatitis and 250,000 new cases of hepatitis B are diagnosed yearly. Hepatitis b virus causes preventable diseases like: acute and chronic hepatitis plus liver cancer.

Morever , the cost of treatment of hepatitis b infection/cost of hepatitis b drugs in Nigeria is between N900,000 – N1,200,000. As a wise man, I decided to save cost.

2.Where to get hepatitis vaccine in Nigeria

Where did I get vaccinated? I did mine in University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH). You can do yours at nearby hospitals, health centres and immunization centres. In Abuja, you can get vaccinated in FMC JABI, or National Hospital , in Lagos, you can get the hepatitis B vaccine in LUTH, LASUTH, general hospitals and some practitioners in private hospitals like Bridge clinic, for Port Harcourt, go to UPTH or any of their General Hospitals. In Kaduna, you can get vaccinated for hepatitis B in ABUTH or their General Hospitals, in Kano, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital gives vaccination for hepatitis B.

3. What is the cost of hepatitis b vaccine in Nigeria?

It is not free, though it subsidized by the federal government of Nigeria to make it affordable and accessible. You can get vaccinated at around N4,000 – N5,000. In Lagos, some private health companies can get you screened for hepatitis B and C for free or at a discount and then get you vaccinated @ N2,000 per shot.

4.How many doses did I take? Hepatitis b vaccine schedule in nigeria

Hepatitis B vaccine in Nigeria is taken in 3 doses via the intramuscular route in either of the upper arms. It is taken at first contact, 4 weeks later (second dose) and 4 weeks later the last dose. You take the full course in 2months.

Hepatitis b vaccine in nigeria
Taking a shot on the arm
Credit: MS Trust

For Nigerian children, hepatitis B vaccine is given at birth, 6 weeks later, 10 weeks later and then 14 weeks to complete the dose. The vaccine is administered via the intramuscular route and the site of injection could be on the left or right deltoid, left or right thigh and the even the buttocks. Hepatitis B vaccine is free in Children.

5. What are the side effects of hepatitis b vaccine in nigeria?

Personally, I didn’t experience any adverse effects during vaccination. Though, a lot of authors have talked about the side effects of hepatitis B vaccine to include allergy, pain at the injection side, diarrhoea, headache, fever, and sore throat but the benefits of the vaccine far outweighs these concerns.

6.Can I still be infected with heptatis b virus after immunization?

Yes, I can still be infected even after taking the vaccine.This means immunization against hepatitis B virusdoes not give total protection from the virus, but has about 95% coverage from the infection and lasts for about 20 years, not for life. Booster doses is normally given after 20 years and during pregnancy.

And One Other thing……….

Cost of hepatitis B immunoglobulin in Nigeria

Why take hepatitis b immunoglobin? You are advised to take hepatitis B immune globulin immediately if you have been exposed(made contact with) to the blood or body fluids of individuals infected with Hepatitis B virus to prevent and protect you from contracting the disease. Also, newborns delivered by hepatitis b virus positive mothers must take the the immunoglobulin to prevent being infected. It is usually given in 3 doses intramuscularly. The cost of hepatitis B immune globulin in Nigeria is around N80,000- N100,000 and is available in some designated pharmacy shops. This is a more reason you should be vaccinated once and for all. “Prevention is cheaper than cure.”

Please note that it is important you know your status before getting the hepatitis b vaccine. Please visit a lab a do an HbsAg test today.

A click here for facts about hepatitis B virus everybody should know.

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  1. Good afternoon sir,
    My name is Abiola , my wife is infected and she’s pregnant though I have been tested 2times but negative result now my question is can our baby be infected and what is the remedy for the baby and the mother .

    • Good Morning Sir,

      I am replying this post because I am curious as to how Mr Akindele managed to remain uninfected? Could it be that he was vaccinated? or is contracting it not a given with an infected partner?

  2. Good day Dr. thanks for the knowledge.
    Please for the HB Immunoglobin that will be shot few hours after birth, please which product can you suggest for us. The pharmacy I was referred asked if I have any particular brand name / product name. Thanks

  3. Goodday sir, my wife is pregnant and tested positive of hepatitis B but no money to get the HB Immunoglobin, what do we do? it is easy to manage if the baby is born?no money we are seriously worried

  4. Good morning sir, my wife just give birth on friday tru opration and the doctor said i should go and get HB immunoglobin. But the problem is i have not not get the money. And its as been 3 days now. Now i won to know what i can do to save the life of that child… Pls i need ur reply sir

  5. good evening sir, my name is Achemu Noah, my wife just put to bed last week and I was told by d doctor that she has hapetites B that she con not breast feed the baby until the baby get the vaccine. now, I can’t afford the money for d vaccine. pls, where can we get vaccinated at a cheaper rate?

  6. Dear Dr,
    My fiancee just tested HbsAG positive. I’m so scared to continue the marriage process. I dont feel good going through the process of too much of health maintanance especially due to the fact that am marrying late. I’m 43yrs old. I need your sincere advice please.
    Thank you.

  7. My Child was given hepatitisb immunglobine after child birth,and she’s two years naw… Does that mean she’s safe from hepatitis B virus ..

  8. Good evening, pls is there any private hospital in Lagos where my baby can be vaccinated within 24hours of birth, because am pregnant and tested positive.

  9. Good day I need the hepatitis b immunglobin vaccine for my baby is duein 3months am in Makurdi pls which pharmacy can I get it there or how can I get it thks

    • Hello Ayoola, there are some Pharmacies in Markurdi you can get hepatitis B immunoglobin from. Go to any of these Pharmacies listed below:
      1. Metro Pharmacy @ Township, Markurdi.
      2.Vincal Pharmacy @ Abubakar Atiku Road, Township Markurdi
      3. Top Rank Pharmacy @ Township Markurdi.
      If they dont have, you can tell them to make an order for you. Thank you.

  10. Good afternoon am John by name my wife is pregnant and was tested HB positive were can I get they immunoglobulin here in Lagos am at mainland oshodi and please what’s they cost

    • Is your wife seeing a doctor and is she hep b positive too? Well, I have already discussed the cost of hepatitis B immunoglobulin on this article and where you can get it. Check alpha pharmacy Ikeja. Thank you.

  11. Hello, I was tested positive to hepatitis b when I was pregnant with my first child in 2014, so I was advised to get my baby vaccinated soon after delivery.
    I got pregnant again in 2018 and my babies were given the vaccine immediately after delivery.
    Got the vaccine at Alpha pharmacy, Ikeja @ over 100k. Thanks.

  12. i stay at surulere and where can we get the vaccine. though we used government hospitals for immunization after child birth,i will like to give them the booster. how can i go about it

  13. I have someone that tested negative to HBsAg and HBsAb but positive for HBcAb. The doctor asked for more tests and we have the following results: HBeAg negative, HBeAb Positive and HBV DNA undetectable. The GI recommends taking a shot.

    Is he positive or negative please?


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